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Do you have a hankering for hero shows? Here's a look into CW's new tv show delving into 'Wonder Woman' mythos.

Is a Wonder Woman TV show coming to The CW? All the rumors

In terms of superhero adaptations of DC Comics, the top two tend to be Superman adaptations and Batman adaptations. Now, of course, things have changed over the years with the advent of the Arrowverse (or the CWverse, which will never stick because come on people) and the boom of superhero movies. Audiences want to see a more diverse population on their screens of their hero shows.

With Javicia Leslie as the new Batwoman in the Painkiller series currently in development at the CW, it looks like the network is planning on expanding their library of hero shows. This latest addition, should it be picked up, will bring the first Latinx lead to a DC Comics show. It will also be expanding Wonder Woman mythos onto the small screen since we haven’t really had a solo series from the Wonder Family since 1977. 

What is this series about?

The series in development at the CW is titled Wonder Girl. According to Deadline, the series will follow “Yara Flor, a Latina Dreamer who was born of an Amazonian Warrior and a Brazilian River God, learns that she is Wonder Girl. With her newfound power must fight the evil forces that would seek to destroy the world.” That all sounds super awesome & cool.

Wonder Girl has some serious power behind it as well. Naturally, Berlanti Productions is having a hand in the series. When are they not? Writing the pilot and serving as executive producer is Dailyn Rodriguez, who is the co-executive producer/co-showrunner for USA’s Queen of the South. No word if she will be exiting the series to handle Wonder Girl full time. 

Who is Yara Flor? 

For those of you comic nerds scratching your heads and wondering who on Earth Yara Flor is, don’t worry. She hasn’t even been introduced into DC Comics yet. Created by Joëlle Jones, Yara Flor will be a future Wonder Woman in the line-wide event called Future State. She’ll be appearing in two books for Future State, Future State: Wonder  Woman and Future State: Superman/Wonder Woman.

Jones will be penning the solo title while Dan Watters and Leila del Duca are handling the crossover. So she’s a brand new character with decades of confusing cross-continuity and slates wiped clean dragging her down. This definitely should allow Wonder Girl, should it be picked up to series, a chance to really craft their own world and legacy.

Are there other Wonder Woman series?

Wonder Woman’s most famous and, really, only solo television series to date is Wonder Woman from the 70s which starred Lynda Carter as the title character. She appeared in various animated series, but never really had her own solo show. Attempts were made over the years to get a Wonder Woman or Wonder Woman adjacent series on the air, especially recently.

Fans who love a good fiasco will know the infamously horrible 2011 pilot that starred Adrianne Paliciki (The Orville). If you can hunt down a copy of this pilot online, then it really has to be witnessed in order to see how awful it was. There were also rumors of a series focusing on the Amazons in development at the CW as well. But that fizzled out for whatever reason. 

Wonder Woman is finally having a moment thanks to the excellent 2017 Wonder Woman. People are eagerly awaiting that sequel, but who knows when it will come out because 2020. Either way, it’s definitely exciting to see Wonder Girl in development and a Latinx lead in a DC television series as the title character. No word on if this will be in the Arrowverse or not, so that’s definitely something to keep an eye on.

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