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Does addiction take a strong hold on actors to the point where they need to leave Hollywood forever? Here's what Tom Holland thinks!

Will Spider-Man be Tom Holland’s last role? Here’s what he thinks

Is Tom Holland redefining the Hollywood way of life? The leading star of Spider-Man: No Way Home shares candidly about his struggles with the glitz, glamour, and pressures of the entertainment industry, despite his deep-rooted passion for the craft.

Does addiction take a strong hold on actors to the point where they need to leave Hollywood forever? Here’s what Tom Holland thinks!

Not a fan

At just 27, Holland has marked his territory in the cinematic landscape with standout performances that highlight his versatility. Yet, in an intriguing twist, this British heartthrob doesn’t hold Hollywood in the same regard. Speaking on Jay Shetty’s On Purpose podcast, Holland admitted, “I am a massive fan of making movies but I really do not like Hollywood, it is not for me.”

Navigating the star-studded avenues of Hollywood has always been a daunting task, and for Holland, this reality is no different. He confessed to being scared of the business side of Hollywood, though he acknowledged his part in it. Despite his involvement, the young actor is constantly seeking avenues to maintain his regular, normal life, a feat that’s often challenging within the industry’s demanding schedules and high-pressure environment.

Almost lost

In his journey through Hollywood’s glossy veneer, Holland revealed that he’s seen pals losing themselves, a sight that frightens him and strengthens his resolve to stay grounded. His strategy? Focusing on what brings him genuine happiness: his family, his hobbies including carpentry and golf, and the charity run by his mother.

Holland’s introspection doesn’t stop at his personal life. He also took a deep dive into his relationship with alcohol. After trying out “Dry January” and finding himself consumed by thoughts of drinking, Holland realized that he was “definitely addicted to alcohol”.

A Sober Awakening

The Spider-Man: No Way Home actor’s struggle with alcohol wasn’t something he took lightly. When the cravings persisted beyond his “Dry January” commitment, Holland decided to double down and added a “Sober February” to his challenge. The move, however, wasn’t easy, and led him to worry about his relationship with alcohol.

The actor then decided to extend his abstinence period to six months, lasting until his birthday on June 1. The result? He felt healthier and fitter, with improved mental clarity and better stress management. He shared how this experience made him question why he had been so enslaved by the drink.

Despite his achievement, Holland candidly confessed that he’s had a few slip-ups along the way. However, his approach to sobriety this time around was different, focusing more on understanding the reasons behind his drinking habit, particularly its role in social situations.

Today, Holland boasts an impressive one-and-a-half-year of sobriety, and he’s “over the moon” about it. However, the Cherry star emphasizes that he’s not trying to impose his lifestyle choice on others. The aim, he believes, isn’t to preach, but if his journey encourages someone to drink less, he’s all for it.

As he currently enjoys a hiatus from acting after filming The Crowded Room, one can’t help but wonder, has Tom Holland found a new way to navigate Hollywood, one that embraces a grounded life over the blinding limelight? Is this the beginning of a new chapter for our young star, one that redefines what it means to be an A-lister?


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