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Anime has become increasingly popular, a current motive is the characters' aesthetic. Come take a look at the best white-haired anime boys.

‘Tokyo Ghoul’: The best white-haired anime boys to simp over now

Frankly, there are many reasons why anime has become increasingly popular. And the genre is quite easily available to American audiences, people are discovering and completely falling in love with anime. Anime is very diverse, testing the boundaries of the logical world with intriguing characters and stories. Share your favorite anime shows and movies in the comments below!

By any chance, have you ever had the pleasure of witnessing a fog bow? Not via a picture online or a social media platform, but in person. A fog bow is also known as a white rainbow. (Being as though rainbows are known for their color diversity, the “white rainbow” had to have a name of its very own.) 

The fog bow is known to science as a phenomenon similar to a rainbow. As the name suggests, however, it’s all white. Simply picture a rainbow that’s all white. They’re quite rare so chances are, you’ve never seen one but they’re beautiful. Now, imagine meeting someone with hair that heavily reminds you of a white rainbow. Such a thing does exist (at least in the world of anime). 

We’re going to talk about some of the best white-haired anime boys. So feel free to share your favorites in the comments if they don’t make this list. 

Tokyo Ghoul

The name is in the title so we had to mention it! Fans of Tokyo Ghoul are certainly familiar with Juuzou Suzuya. With such fair skin and white hair. Maybe the portrait is beautiful, maybe it’s scary. Though everyone can probably agree that Juuzou Suzuya looks creepy. 

The character has come a long way from being a ghoul’s pet in a circus to being a full-blown ghoul investigator. Suzuya was made with a childish-like appearance which makes him look more innocent, more innocent than he truly is. If you’re a ghoul, he will slice you in half with great ease. 


Going through the best white-haired anime boys is bound to take you to Kakashi Hatake from Naruto. Kakashi Hatake is regarded as one of the most talented Konoha’s ninjas, and it’s very easy to see why. He’s wise yet extremely silly. And like all of us, he shields a story beneath his look. Only perhaps, he’s more adamant about hiding that look?

Unlike many of us, he hides childhood trauma that followed him into his adult life. Here’s a little fact only the greatest anime fans are aware of: Kakashi Hatake is one of the most famous anime characters who always wears a mask. 

Vampire Knight

It’s only natural that at least some of the greatest white-haired anime boys would be given a supernatural element. Fans of Vampire Knight have a vampire hunter hero named Zero who hates vampires more than anything. Perhaps you’ll agree when people say Zero is a very “composed person, often acting cold and not showing any emotions at all. Now imagine all that ruined by becoming a vampire!”

Hunter x Hunter

Who is often listed as “the” greatest white-haired anime boy? The lists are too subjective. But Hunter x Hunter fans would probably vote for Killua Zoldyck. He’s one of those extremely powerful characters who just might give you shivers. 

Zoldyck was raised as a child assassin and is capable of going through serious pain. His family trained him to effectively murder people for the sake of the family business being as though they’re all assassins. (What a family!)

D. Gray-Man

Allen from D. Gray-Man is certainly charming, kind, and warm. Despite going through so much, it seems he never wants to forget who he is, despite all the cruel things happening around him. He’s also very powerful. Allen Walker has the ability to destroy demons with his left arm.

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