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The anime industry has millions of fans around the world. Here's our list of the best anime ever made.

Top 5 list of best anime of all time!

The anime industry has millions of fans around the world. As such, the world of animation is constantly evolving, and we have to evolve with it. Even though there are so many new animes every single year, there are some that we have to consider as “classic” or “never old”! And that’s the whole point of this article. 

I set out to create a concise yet intense list of my top choices for anime. Also, it is the perfect landing point for anime beginners who want to dive head-on into an essential, bizarre, or calm show. I hope you find something you will fall in love with. 

My personal list of the best anime 

To create this list, I mainly focused on my tastes. Still, I also did plenty of online research to compare my opinions with those of hardcore fans who have watched anime for the past couple of decades. This list has a couple of Shonen anime due to its popularity, but you can find some other types as well. Overall, these animes are great. I only hope that you have as much fun as me when you watch them. In time, you will be able to create your very own list as well. 

I should also point out that I included one great pick for boy love anime. This genre has grown in popularity over the last few years! If you are interested in this topic, please visit for a complete list of the best gay anime series and movies

The 5 best anime to watch right now! 

1. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood: 

For many, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is a must-have anime experience, and it’s easy to see why. This is a faithful adaptation of Hiromu Arakawa’s popular manga series. Brotherhood is ahead of its time in almost every aspect: fighting, loss, sadness, war, racism, and moral ethics. In addition, the show has a perfect pace, as it blends neatly wrapped arcs to support a more important global story. 

Lastly, Brotherhood is just the right length. This anime never overkills, and it proves how versatile and adaptable the shōnen manga customs are. 

 2. Doukyuusei: 

Unlike the other animes on this list, this anime is not about action and heroes. It is a soft, romantic, and boy love anime that has ruled the charts ever since it came out! Unlike many boy love animes, this one has its focus on two male protagonists. One of them is Rito, a high school student, and the other is Hikaru, a band guitarist. 

Although they are on entirely different paths, the anime explains how fate puts them together until they eventually establish a romantic relationship. The pace and dialogue really put this anime on a whole new level. 

 3. Dragon Ball Z: 

Dragon Ball is among the most classic anime and manga, which initially began the whole anime revolution in Japan! The original series was a classic, but it was Dragon Ball Z that marked the series’s transition from a national treasure to a global phenomenon. 

Due to its hyperkinetic violence, incredible energy attacks, spectacles of massive extinction, and moments of continuous escalation, Dragon Ball Z is a unique and vital part of the martial arts-action-animated canon today. 

4. Hunter X Hunter:  

There are countless anime that focus on groups of young characters who use supernatural skills and deductive reasoning to solve problems. But what makes Hunter x Hunter a rare discovery is its attention to detail, fantastic story, unique characters, and emotional investment. This anime is full of quirky subplots that don’t always end in significant events, but you will somehow feel that it all forms part of the story. 

Before you start watching it, I must let you know you will lose your mind with Gon Freecss, the protagonist, who is on a path to becoming a Hunter. Eventually, you will want to be just like Gon!

5. One Piece: 

Without a shroud of doubt, this is the most famous and best-selling manga and anime in the world. The manga’s first volume was published back in 1997, and now more than 90 volumes are sold worldwide. The anime began two years after the first manga was released, and since then, more than 900 episodes have been aired. 

Today, One Piece is divided into about 10 parts, and even beginners can enjoy it even if they don’t start from the beginning. For those who don’t know, the anime follows the adventures of the main character Monkey D. Luffy and his crew in the pirate world. The primary mission is to find the ultimate treasure called “One Piece.”

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