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Do you think that your teenager is smoking weed? Try not to follow these hilariously dated signs that Twitter is laughing at.

Think your teen is smoking weed? Laugh along with Twitter at these “signs”

Sometimes, there’s nothing that can make us cringe any more than an out-of-touch adult trying to understand teenagers. Twitter has been cracking up ever since a news anchor posted a photo of a teen bedroom and promised she would explain to concerned parents how to find out if their teens were smoking weed or not. Check out all the memes and jokes everyone has been creating and laugh along with us here. 


How it all began

The situation first started when a news anchor posted a photo of what looks to be a fake teen bedroom set in an office area space. Her Twitter caption read: “Looks like a normal teen’s bedroom, right? Think again. Coming up on @KMOV, we’ll show you what parents should be looking for so they can identify signs of drug use. I was shocked at what I found in this room!!!”

Her promise to parents that she had all the knowledge to know on how to find out if your kids were smoking weed and doing other drugs or not has sent Twitter in an uproar. It doesn’t help that the teenage bedroom just looked a little bit too cheesy as well. 


“How do you do, fellow kids?”

We gotta admit this room just looked a little bit too staged. . . 


The signs

As this Twitter user put it: “Congrats to all the kids who got away with smoking weed because they did not have a “Mile 420” sign in their rooms”. 

Office building carpet tiles

It looks like even Hank Green had to add his own two cents. . . 


Way too fake

This room is enough to make you cringe. 


The blue tape

We also have to agree, the blue tape holding up a tapestry actually should be the true cause for concern. 


Mile 420 sign

If you didn’t know your kids were smoking weed with a Mile 420 sign in their room, well, that’s on you. . . 


A mess

Yeah, we also thought that the bra on the ground was a nice touch for a good “natural” look. 


This Twitter user had the right idea. Look out, parents. 


Too hilarious

We’re really feeling for the poor interns and production assistants that had to look for all these “teenager” items. 

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