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Getting married is supposed to be full of love and happiness. But have you ever heard of wedding receptions full of horror? Take a look at these stories!

Match made in hell: These wedding reception stories are awful to hear

Weddings are supposed to be an important day full of love and happiness, especially for the special bride and groom. However, have you ever known someone with a wedding reception horror story? Well, surely it can’t be as bad as these stories compiled by Buzzfeed. Let’s take a look at some pretty awful stories of wedding day experiences, and see if yours can compare here. 

On fire? 

A wedding reception is supposed to be absolute “fire”, but apparently, one unlucky bride took those words a little too seriously. One person told Buzzfeed: “At my friend’s wedding they were setting off fireworks. Next thing you know the bride is screaming as her gown is set alight because of a firework that went off on the ground. Fun times”. Well, that’s definitely shocking. 

As if that story couldn’t already be horrifying enough, another person recalled: “During the reception, my bridesmaid had a little too much to drink. She wasn’t looking where she was going and backed up into a candle with her very long, very hair-spray-covered hair. She burnt her dress and her butt-length hair up to her shoulders. And we all know how good burnt hair smells”. That’s horrifying, but at least she was okay! 

Another person recalled a wedding reception getting affected by another element: water. They told Buzzfeed that “the ceiling gave way and the room began to flood with the steaming water. Someone above us had fallen asleep with their bathtub running. We had to use big painters’ buckets to toss the water out of the room and into the waterfall outside. Our wedding party had to redo the setup as a result”. Oh, no!

Wedding nerves? 

There also have been plenty of stories of folks at a wedding reception having to . . . um . . . relieve themselves . . . on accident. For instance, one guest remembered that the happy couple at the wedding they attended got so wasted that the groom “began to pee all over the dance floor, causing several people — including the bride — to slip and fall. He then proceeded to sh** all over the dance floor. Yes”. 

Another person took fault for ruining a wedding reception, recalling the time when they were a flower girl for her aunt and uncle’s wedding. They told Buzzfeed that “during the ceremony, while I was standing up front with the bridesmaids, I proceeded to pee myself. All over my white dress and white stockings. In my defense, I kept telling the maid of honor I had to go”. Oops!

As for the case of one previous bride herself, she mentioned that she happened to have diarrhea that day. She recalled: “My (now husband) fiancée was reading his vows. All of a sudden, the LIQUID CRAP starts flowing out of me. My wedding dress had a long tail. The crap caught the tail, and when I ran off to get changed 20 minutes later, the tail left a streak of crap all over the ground”. We really didn’t expect to see that one coming. 

One other person remembered that they had bird poop stuck in their hair during wedding pics. They said: “The worst part is I felt something and our photographer just cringed and said it was a leaf. Thank God, I had helpful bridesmaids who had to scrape it out with their fingers. Ugg”. What a nightmare. Who would have thought that bodily secretions could ruin this many wedding receptions? 

Well, how did you like reading those stories? Does your wedding reception horror story compare to these ones, or do they make you feel a lot better? Share your own experiences with us in the comments, and let us know your reactions to these shocking stories. 

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