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If you’re a fan of 'The Untamed', you’re undoubtedly a fan of Wang Yibo. Here's everything we know about upcoming show, 'Legend of Fei'.

Wang Yibo’s ‘Legend of Fei’: When is the show coming out?

If you’re a fan of The Untamed, you’re undoubtedly a fan of Wang Yibo, the extraordinary talent behind the protagonist Lan Wangji. Always looking for more of Wang Yibo (aside from just his stardom as a singer icon), the news of the upcoming series Legend of Fei excites us greatly. 

Everyone is clamoring to find out more about this fifty episode series that stars Wang Yibo in another romantic action-adventure. Here’s what we know about Legend of Fei’s release date & more. 

Production details

Legend of Fei was announced back in September and exciting photos of the characters were shared in October. While fans were going wild with this information from the start, Legend of Fei, is yet another series stuck by COVID-19 delays. 

However, on March 14, the crew had reportedly resumed their work on the series and they may have even wrapped up filming in April. While there has been no official release date yet, fans have been promised that it will appear in 2020. Hopefully, this is still the case after the delays. At least we can rest easy knowing that it’s back up and going again. 

Cast members & characters

Though details about the release and production are a bit hazy right now, we do have more fun information about Legend of Fei that may cheer you up. From the information that has been released, we’ve learned a lot about what characters & stars we can expect. 

We know, of course, that the wonderful Wang Yibo will be starring in Legend of Fei but what character will he play and who will we see with him? Wang Yibo will play Xie Yun, a skilled martial artist and an orphan prince, Prince of Duan. We’re not quite sure exactly what this means but it sounds pretty dramatic & exciting!

Another main protagonist will be Zhou Fei, a determined descendant of heroes. She will be played by Zhao Liying, a famous singer & actor known for The Story of Ming Lan & Princess Agents. More talent on-screen portraying royalty & warriors in Legend of Fei includes Zhang Huiwen, Chen Ruoxuan, & Zhou Jiequiong. 

Plot rundown

Similar to The Untamed, Legend of Fei will be based on a novel of the same name written by Priest. Faced with great challenges, characters Zhou Fei & Xie Yun will grow to become legendary heroes throughout Legend of Fei. 

The backdrop of Legend of Fei (twenty years before the start of the series) establishes a time of constant strife. Needing a shelter for the poor & rejected refugees in the Shu Mountains, Li Hui, a legendary hero, is tasked with clearing out forty-eight strongholds filled with bandits. After Li Hui’s death the quest is taken on by his daughter who gives birth to Zhou Fei. 

The main events of the series will begin when a young man, Xie Yun takes on these forty-eight strongholds by night. Xie Yun eventually meets Zhou Fei, saving her from drowning as she attempts to escape from the forty-eight strongholds. The two embark on a journey together to face the great dangers, uncover secrets, and experience unrest & turmoil.  

The captivating premise sets the scene for some epic adventures and we can’t wait to see if the two characters fall in love. (We’re really hoping they do!) Hopefully, Legend of Fei will come sooner than later.

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  • You posted the wrong actor’s picture (the 2nd from the top down) in the article. This article was about Wang Yibo “Legend of Fei”

    June 8, 2020
    • Thanks for the heads up – we took care of the wrong photo.

      June 24, 2020
  • Hello, Do you know how we can be informed about the release date of this TV show with English subtitle?💖I would rally like to watch it. Wang Yibo is a very talented actor.😁

    August 14, 2020

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