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Wang Yibo has plenty of projects in development for future release. Here's everything we know about Wang Yibo and 'Being a Hero'.

Need more Wang Yibo? Here’s everything about his new show!

The Untamed opened up a brand new world to people who maybe weren’t that interested in the various dramas from the East. With the excellent storytelling, the gorgeous costuming, and the pitch-perfect acting, Western fans are really starting to take a bigger notice. 

Wang Yibo, who played Lan Wangi in The Untamed, is suddenly in the public eye in a lot of ways. And if you loved his performance on The Untamed, then you’re probably looking for more Wang Yibo content to fill your time. Because we’re always looking for more content featuring our favorite actors and actresses.

So say you want some more Wang Yibo in your life, then look no further. Wang Yibo has plenty of projects in development for future release. So let’s get started with Being a Hero.

What’s Being a Hero about? 

Starring Wang Yibo, Chen Xiao (A Journey to Meet Love), and Zhao Zhao Yi (The Romance of Hua Rong), the series starts five years ago, when Wu Gang was killed by a drug trafficking organization named “K”, and his son Wu Zhenfeng was expelled from the police force. Without a purpose, Wu Zhenfeng leaves town, with his best friend Chen Yu chasing after him. When the two are almost kidnapped, Wu Zhenfeng is brought away by the drug traffickers, to save his friend, and disappears.

When the two meet again, Chen Yu has become a narcotics policeman while Wu Zhenfeng is now a famed murder suspect known by the nickname “Addict Lord”. Ignoring public dissension, Chen Yu sets out to find the truth and clear Wu Zhenfeng’s name, but he gradually discovers that Wu Zhenfeng’s return has another purpose. 

So it’s a bromance series? 

Being a Hero, from the description, definitely gives it a major vibe of being a sort of bromance series. Two childhood friends on opposite sides of the law with one trying to “save” the other but slowly falling into a deeper conspiracy. Maybe they have to lean on each other to survive whatever deeper mystery is uncovered?

We’re definitely here for it either way. Are we a little overcome with feels? Yes, yes we are, but we can’t wait to see what unfolds.

How will Being a Hero stack up against The Untamed

While Being a Hero has not yet been released, we can’t really say how it will stack up against The Untamed. But if you like a C-drama about deep male bonding mixed with mystery and thriller vibes? Then definitely check it out. It’s definitely a modern series for Wang Yibo over the pretty costuming of The Untamed. So if it sounds like a series that you’d want to check out, then be sure to be on the lookout for when it premieres.

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