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The anti-vaxxers are at it again, this time with comic book science. Grab some paper clips and dive into the reactions to this vaccine update. 

Do vaccines make you Magneto? Laugh at this wild anti-vaxxer update

The anti-vaxxers are at it again, but this time with “science” straight out of the comics. Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, a physician licensed in Ohio known for her . . . out there prognoses went before Ohio state legislators at the Ohio Statehouse during a hearing on House Bill 248 today, stating that she had reason to believe that the COVID-19 vaccine had the ability to magnetize humans, an unexpected update to say the least.  

The good doctor was before the House Health Committee to argue in favor of the Enact Vaccine Choice and Anti-Discrimination Act, spending forty-five minutes defending her credentials and updating the audience on her discovery about the vaccine’s magnetic side effects, adding that it may also be creating 5e interfaces. 

Naturally, Twitter took this vaccine update and ran with it, most including well known comic book magnokinetic Magneto. We pulled our way through the threads and found the most attractive reactions to this vaccine update that’ll have you stuck to Twitter for the rest of the day. Grab some paper clips and dive into these hilarious reactions to this anti-vaxxer vaccine update. 

Update your Windows

Now that’s a crossover meme we can get behind! 

Next dose 

Soon you’ll never lose your keys again! 

First half 

We can see where the confusion came from . . . 

Just sweat 

Didn’t need a PhD to figure that one out, apparently . . . 


We’re really starting to wish there really was a reference to him in Loki, cause the reality is kinda disappointing . . . 

Absolute win 

Pretty much everyone on Twitter’s reaction to this in a nutshell 


Again, no doctorate required in putting this together . . . 

Still waiting 

Something tells us it’ll take longer than two weeks . . . 

Faith in humanity 

You’re going to need some super-Tums then, dude, cause ouch. 

Sign me up 

Again, everyone’s reaction in a nutshell though we won’t lie, we’d also love Magneto powers too . . . 

Have any other hilarious reactions to the anti-vaxxer vaccine update? Drop them below in the comments before they repel all this great content!

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