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Did Owen Wilson live up to comic book fans' expectations of Mobius in 'Loki'? Discover how Wilson got cast and if he'll say "wow" in the Disney Plus show.

Meet Mobius: Will Owen Wilson’s character in ‘Loki’ become a fan favorite?

Leave it to Marvel to turn a little-known comic book character into a fan favorite with a single on-screen appearance. In the new Disney Plus series Loki, Owen Wilson plays Agent Mobius, of the Time Variance Authority. Mobius has been a part of Marvel’s comic book universe for thirty years, but no one had any idea what to expect from the character’s arrival in the MCU.

Whether you’ve already watched the Loki premiere, or you’re getting yourself ready to check it out later, why not catch up on Cliff’s Notes of the MCU’s newest star? We’ll fill you in on the character’s comic book history and what fans are saying now that he’s arrived on Disney Plus.

The Honorable Mr. Mobius M. Mobius

Mobius, created by writer & artist Walter Simonson, made his first appearance in 1991’s Fantastic Four #353. At the time, he worked in a junior management position for the Time Variance Authority. The TVA first appeared back in 1986’s Thor #372. The TVA is tasked with maintaining the integrity of the multiverse’s timeline. When Mobius first appears, the TVA puts him in charge of prosecuting the Fantastic Four for illegal time use. 

The Fantastic Four escapes Mobius and the TVA in the issue. They go on to cause plenty of other timeline shenanigans. Mobius tries & fails to recapture the super team, but he’s recognized for his effort by the TVA. He gets promoted to an executive position within the organization and goes on to judge other cases brought before the TVA.

Mobius doesn’t have a deep comic book mythos. He’s only made eight appearances to date, though it’s reasonable to assume that comic fans will be seeing his face pop up more often now that he’s a hit in the MCU. When Marvel decided to incorporate Mobius and the TVA into their Loki plotline, they were mostly breaking new ground. 

Owen Wilson

Some fans were shocked when Marvel cast Owen Wilson for a role in Loki. Reportedly, Loki director Kate Herron specifically wanted Wilson for the role of Mobius. Wilson himself wasn’t particularly familiar with the ins & outs of the MCU, so it took some convincing to get him on board for the project. “It was the most detailed pitch I’ve ever done, to an actor, ever”, said Herron in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

Speaking to Variety, Owen Wilson said that before joining Loki he was “pretty much a blank slate” in regards to Marvel knowledge outside of “knowing the characters”. Luckily, his character was almost a blank slate as well. Wilson said the Loki team constructed Mobius through conversations between Kate Herron, Tom Hiddleston, and himself. 

Fan response

Opinions were split when Owen Wilson was initially cast for Loki. Some were thrilled that the Marley & Me actor was joining the MCU. Others couldn’t picture how Wilson’s brand of offbeat comedy would meld with Loki’s fiery mischief. 

The first episode of Loki proved any doubters wrong. Mobius was the highlight of the episode, and the fan reaction online has been overwhelmingly positive. 

People are already appreciating the way that Loki & Mobius play off of each other. The duo is already a strong contender for best Marvel pairing, giving Thor & the Hulk a run for their money.

Wilson’s gentle demeanor works well with Mobius’s forgiving & understanding approach to the MCU’s first major villain. On Twitter, people are wishing they could get a timeline review session with Mobius for themselves.

The new Loki emojis are about as exciting as the show itself, and Owen Wilson’s Mobius emoji is exactly what fans needed.

Loki is off to a great start, and we can’t wait to see more. Tell us your favorite Loki character in the comments! 

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