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The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues to shake up travel. Uncover the story and see if the U.S. travel ban has finally been lifted and who's affected.

Has the US travel ban been lifted? Here’s everything to know

As the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic rages on, it can feel like as many things change as they stay the same. Back when the pandemic was called in March of 2020, the worlds of people around the globe were turned upside down. Since then, some people have gotten a larger sense of normalcy to their lives than others.

As many parts of the world have loosened lockdown restrictions, opening theaters, restaurants, and clubs, some people have gotten to enjoy a taste of the old pre-COVID world. However, other parts of the world have held down tighter restrictions, and even gone through repeated periods of lockdown like the U.S. only experienced in the early days of the pandemic.

However, the most glaring adjustment Americans have had to deal with is the country’s travel restrictions. Restrictions have been constantly changing, leaving Americans stuck in their native land or unable to see foreign relatives for months on end. The latest news ripping up headlines is saying the U.S. travel ban has been lifted. So what are the details? Here’s what we’ve found.

Welcoming visitors

NPR reported on Monday that the U.S. has lifted its travel ban, allowing international visitors from all over the globe to come see the States. 

The change comes after months of strict rules barring folks from across the pond and beyond land borders from coming into the U.S. The list of restricted countries was long, and reports say included Mexico, Canada, and most of Europe.

Now that the U.S. travel ban has been lifted, Americans across the country are getting ready to see family members from overseas who they may have not seen since before the ongoing pandemic was announced in March 2020. Furthermore, with the travel ban lifted, international folks want to know what they have to do to land a trip to the States. Will international travelers just hop on a plane like everyone else?

Proof & tests

Reports say starting Monday, the U.S. is accepting only fully vaccinated international travelers at airports across the country. 

As long as a traveler can present a negative COVID-19 test and proof of vaccination status at the airport, they can now enter the U.S. Furthermore, if travelers are entering the U.S. by land through Canada or Mexico, they will only have to show proof of vaccination, with no COVID-19 test.

Air travelers will have to present proof of vaccination showing any vaccine approved by the World Health Organization. While vaccinated Americans used Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca is used widely in Canada, and this WHO-approved vaccine will also give Canadians entry to the U.S.

Now that the travel ban has been lifted in the U.S., some folks are wondering who will be coming into the country for travel. Sources say airlines are expecting an uptick in visitors from Europe, and that flights between the UK & U.S. are up 21% over the last month. 

Furthermore, Canada & Mexico are expected to send many of their travelers the U.S.’s way, following the lifted travel ban. 


NPR’s report points out how border towns along the Canadian & Mexican borders of the U.S. took massive financial blows following the restrictions put in place by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. For those who live close to these borders, moving back & forth easily was a regular occurrence which the pandemic took away in one fell swoop.

It’s hard to say what other travel patterns will result from the lifted U.S. travel ban, but as jetsetters pack their bags, we definitely know we’ll see some fresh faces coming in as friends & family get back together for the holidays.

What’s your favorite country to travel to? Sound off in the comments below!

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