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There are some TV show reboots we can't wait to see. However, others leave us wondering who asked for them. Check out these unnecessary reboots.

The TV show reboots no one asked for, but we’re getting anyway

There are so many great TV shows and movies coming out in 2021. However, we’re getting something we never asked for. We have some serious questions for whoever greenlit some of these shows. While there are going to be some great reboots coming in 2021, who asked for some of these? 

Not everything needs a reboot. We don’t need to know what a character is up to in 2021. We never want to see a straight reboot of a classic or fan-favorite TV show or movie. Look at some of the worst reboots coming to your TV soon. 


Netflix’s reboot of The Addams Family, Wednesday, will fall apart. First off, The Addams Family works as an ensemble. Pulling one of them away from the family will derail the whole thing. They’re a family of misfits trying to fit in a normal world. They obliviously live their lives as if the world around them doesn’t find them strange. 

Wednesday will follow the title character at “the peculiar Nevermore Academy,” according to Netflix’s press release. Keeping her in a cooky environment and removing her from the real world will be terrible. The comedy comes from her macabre upbringing and viewpoint versus the normal world. 

The Addams Family is an ensemble TV show and movie. The characters play off each other. And while we love Wednesday, no one character can lead a spinoff. 

The 39 Steps

First off, why would you ever reboot an Alfred Hitchcock classic? He was a genius filmmaker. You can throw a dart at a lineup of any Hitchcock film and hit a masterpiece. There have been plenty of bombs from remakes of Hitchcock remakes and reboots. 

Historically, The 39 Steps has been three times before this new TV show with Benedict Cumberbatch. Hitchcock originally released the film in 1935, and Ralph Thomas made the first remake in 1959. Then Don Sharp made one in 1978. Finally, in 2008 there was a TV show on BBC. 

Luckily the remake is only a limited series and hasn’t been picked up by a network or streaming service.

The Ren and Stimpy Show

Luckily the Ren and Stimpy reboot is happening on Comedy Central, but they’ve tried to reboot the classic Nickelodeon show in 2003. Unsurprisingly, it did not do well with the fan base. Why try again? It’s not going to capture the magic as the original show did. Ren and Stimpy won’t work in 2020. 

Punky Brewster

NBCUniversal is trying everything to get you to subscribe to Peacock. The next remake from the NBC catalog is the 80s sitcom Punky Brewster. Why do we continue to return to classic, fan-favorite characters and see what they’re doing in 2021? Let sleeping dogs lie


Is it fair to assume NBCUniversal will make anything people liked pre-2000s to get you to subscribe to Peacock? There is already a MacGyver reboot nobody wanted and the reboot movie about the popular Saturday Night Live bit. 

Maybe MacGruber only works as a bit? Matt Forte killed it when he brought the parody to life on SNL. It might reinvigorate the fan base behind the parody, but it won’t last beyond a few episodes. Just give us Clueless and stop trying to profit from our nostalgia. 


Is it already time for an iCarly reboot? We love that Miranda Cosgrove, Jerry Trainor, and Nathan Kress are coming back, but we don’t want it. What more is there to do? iCarly ended on a high note and was beloved by fans. Why ruin a good thing? 

The show will be on Paramount+, but the streaming service is still in its infancy. Figure out what’s doing well on the new streaming service before rushing to reboot a show. 

Are you excited about any of these shows? Is there anything we missed? Let us know in the comments.

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