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Are you ready for the 'Ren and Stimpy' reboot on Comedy Central? Feel like a kid again with these log memes!

‘Ren and Stimpy’ log memes: All the best ones to cheer you up

Comedy Central is bringing back our favorite crass duo from the 1990s. Did you think we meant Beavis & Butthead? Nope, we mean the famed Nickelodeon kids’ show Ren & Stimpy. A month after they acquired the slacker metalheads from MTV, Comedy Central is giving new life to this raunchy cat & chihuahua duo. 

Also, by adding Ren & Stimpy to their lineup, they’re stating the obvious: this show wasn’t for kids. The amount of stuff they were allowed to pull past the censors goes beyond what little kids should be seeing. Yet, Ren & Stimpy lives on for the kids who were scarred for life by scenes like the infamous “log scene.” 

If you’re ever feeling down, know that Ren & Stimpy’s sick humor can cheer you up. Here are our favorite memes from the demented duo! 

Getting crap past the radar

Ren & Stimpy got so much crap past the censors that we’re surprised it was allowed on air, let alone for kids. The not-so-lowkey “log scene” is proof. 

Today’s parents don’t know how good they have it

The same parents who grew up with Ren & Stimpy don’t have to worry about sex jokes wrapped in a kids’ show. Or do they? With so many parents complaining about SpongeBob, we have to wonder if they forgot this 90s cartoon.

Eye bleach

We need more than eye bleach for this Ren & Stimpy scene. Get the holy water! 

Of course, the log scene isn’t the only “log”

About now, if you’re a certain age, you have the Log jingle stuck in your head. More fun than a bike, even more enjoyable than a videogame! Log promises loads of fun, including running over your neighbor’s dog. 

We still can’t believe they let Ren hump Stimpy with a saw! 

Our eyes still burn. 

Log fan art

Let’s go back to the innocent Log commercial. Wait. Big, heavy wood? Was everything corrupted in Ren & Stimpy

We feel dirty

But yeah, Ren & Stimpy was way more messed up than SpongeBob could ever dream to be. 

Do we want to see Ren & Stimpy content? 

No one else wants to see it, either. 

It’s Log! 

And now it’s going to be stuck in our heads all day! 

In conclusion . . .

What did we watch when we were kids? Better question, what fresh vulgarity are we going to indulge in when the Ren & Stimpy reboot premieres on Comedy Central? 

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