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Got twin fever? Yes, it's a thing! These real-life twin actors are the stars of some of these great must-see twins movies! Check out our favorites here!

Seeing double: Get lost watching these crazy movies about twins

Twins movies have been perfect for storylines about swapping lives, tricking unsuspecting strangers, and hilarious schemes. Identical twins have somewhat of an advantage because they’re able to share so much in common with another human being throughout their entire time on earth. Not to mention filmmakers can either hire real-life twins or perform some movie magic and have one person play two roles. 

However, why get one actor when you can hire real twins for double trouble – or double the fun? The major twin actors that have gained popularity over the years are the stars of some of these great must-see films. Here are some of our favorites. 

New York Minute

Mary-Kate & Ashley Olson take the lead in New York Minute, a 2004 comedy about twin sisters who couldn’t be more different. One sister, Jane, is trying to achieve academic success in life. She has an important speech to give in front of a council in hopes of receiving a life changing scholarship. 

The other sister, Roxy, prefers to be a little more carefree as she focuses on music by her favorite rock band. Both girls get stuck in some trouble when their high school truancy officer begins trying to track them down to make them go back to class. This movie is filled with an all-star cast including Eugene Levy, Jared Padalecki, and Bob Saget.

Legally Blondes

Reese Witherspoon made the original Legally Blonde into a classic movie that will be highly respected as much as other classic chick flicks like Mean Girls or Bring It On. Legally Blondes is its sequel, starring Camilla & Rebecca Rosso. This twins movie is all about two teenage girls who relocate from England to California. They must try to acclimate to brand new social cues, fashion trends, and a vastly different dating scene.


Tia & Tamera Mowry star in the twins movie Twitches as Alexandra Fielding & Camryn Barnes. The movie is about two young women who have spent their entire lives separated despite the fact that they look identical. They get reunited on their 21st birthday and learn about the supernatural powers they each possess. Once they are able to come back together, they are also able to combine their magical sorcery for good.

Double Teamed

Double Teamed is an awesome twins movie about two athletic teenage girls who have a passion for basketball. They start out playing volleyball but when that season ends, they decide to give a basketball a chance. They end up transferring to a new school to play the sport with the hopes of getting discovered by talent scouts. This movie is based on the true story of twins Heidi & Heather Burge who ended up playing in the WNBA. 

The Pretty One

The Pretty One is a 2013 comedy about two identical twin sisters who live very different lives. Although they look exactly the same, that is where their similarities end. One twin is popular, outgoing, and social. The other twin is shy, quiet, and nerdy. They might share DNA but they don’t share any character traits. 

After the popular sister tragically passes away, the floodgates to an interesting idea open up for the nerdy sister. She decides to pretend she’s the one who died so she can take on the outgoing persona of her social butterfly sister. She’s able to pull off the charade for quite some time before her story begins to fall apart. 

The Suite Life Movie

The Suite Life Movie is based on two popular Disney Channel TV shows starring Dylan & Cole Sprouse. They originally starred in The Suite Life of Zack & Cody and Suite Life on Deck before this movie was released. The comedy is about the twins getting caught up in a dangerous scientific experiment that they aren’t comfortable with whatsoever. When one brother feels a sensation, the other is able to feel it too.

It starts off as something fun & interesting but it eventually leads them down the path of fear & panic. They have to figure out how to reverse the effects of the experiment before it is too late. 

The Parent Trap

One of the most popular twins movies in existence to date would have to be The Parent Trap. The 1998 adaptation of the original 1961 movie stars Lindsay Lohan as both twin girls – with the help of CGI. This movie was released many years before her Mean Girls days. 

It’s about two twin girls who run into each other at summer camp and realize they’ve been separated at birth by their divorced mother & father. They decide to swap lives to somehow trick their parents into getting back together. Spoiler alert: their plan works!

Do you have a favorite twins movie we missed? Let us know in the comments below! 

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