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If you didn't think you needed Tom Holland movies in your life, guess again. Here are his most iconic roles to date.

Get some Tom Holland in your life with these iconic movie roles

If you didn’t think you needed Tom Holland movies in your life, guess again. Whether you know him as the new Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, or Jack Fawcett, it’s safe to say everyone deserves a good Tom Holland binge. Holland’s Spider-Man role is just the beginning of his talent on the big screen. 

Holland has busted through the doors of Hollywood, giving the box office a fresh face with his most iconic roles to date, including Peter Parker, Cherry, Todd, Arvin, Lucas, etc. Today, of all the Tom Holland movies, his role in the famous Marvel franchise as Spider-Man has become the most iconic as the franchise gains more popularity creating more live-action movies. 


As Spider-Man, Holland plays the role of an ordinary high school teenager who lives a double life as a new superhero alongside Iron Man, Captain America, and Black Widow who, compared to the rest of the team, has a lot to learn and is eager to get to it, often referred to as the kid by Tony Stark. 

Chaos Walking

Holland’s next iconic role is Todd in the film Chaos Walking. His character, Todd, lives on another planet where all his thoughts are seen & heard. Todd becomes mystified as he sees a girl for the first time when she crash-lands on his planet – did we mention all the women have disappeared from Todd’s homeworld? 

Things become more difficult as this mystery woman’s life is put in danger, and Todd tries to protect her while discovering his own powers and the hidden secrets on his planet. 

The Devil All the Time

Of the many Tom Holland movies, there is also his role as Arvin in The Devil All the Time in which he plays the good guy who has to do the right thing. 

In 1960s Ohio & West Virginia, Arvin is surrounded by violent people including a veteran trying to use sacrificial blood on his prayer book to save his dying wife with cancer, a husband & wife serial killer couple who search the highways looking to photograph models then kill them, and a preacher and his sidekick who are on the run from the law. 

The Impossible

Holland also stars as Lucas in The Impossible. In this role, Lucas and his family are on vacation in Thailand for Christmas until a tsunami hits them at the pool, and they’re all separated. Lucas’s mother releases him to go and help other families who have been wounded & separated by the tsunami. As he’s helping, his father never stops searching for him in hopes of reuniting their family. 


Finally, Tom Holland is Cherry, a college student who ends up in the army in Iraq with his true love Emily waiting for him to return home. As he returns home, he struggles to reacclimate, finding himself in a downward spiral through life involving drug abuse and bank-robbing. In the film, he struggles mentally as he feels he has already seen everything that happens in life and calls it a nightmare. 

What’s next? 

With all his iconic roles over the years, Tom Holland is able to transform himself effortlessly in each role, taking his audience into another reality time and time again. Tom Holland movies are what you need in life and on your flat screen. 

The actor-director-producer is making his name in Hollywood with much more to come including his upcoming Spider-Man role in Spider-Man: No Way Home is coming out on December 17th and his upcoming role as Nathan Drake in Uncharted coming out February 18th. 

Have you decided if you need some Tom Holland movies in your life yet? You are not alone,  after watching Spider-Man we do too. Get some Tom Holland movies in your life.

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