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Just who is TikTok star Bryce Hall dating? It's one of the greatest unsolved mysteries. So, we cheated and turned to Twitter to get its thoughts!

TikTok romance: Is Bryce Hall currently dating this social media star?

Twenty-one year old Bryce Hall is one of the more popular American TikTok and YouTube personalities, and currently has over twenty million followers on the video sharing app while garnering nearly four million followers on YouTube. With these big numbers comes big recognition, which is Why Bryce Hall is also quite known for his dating streak, pulling in girls like he does followers on TikTok. 

In 2020, Bryce Hall dated TikTok G.O.A.T. Addison Rae, who was recently on video spotted at UFC 264 shaking hands and introducing herself to the former U.S. President, Donald Trump. And While Rae and Hall did break up some time later that year, many people are curious just who Bryce Hall has been sneaking around with these days. Many people think it may be this daughter of baseball legend, as well as ex of Logan Paul. 

That’s right! Many people think that Bryce Hall is dating model and social media star Josie Canseco, who’s more recently known for her appearances in Logan Paul’s vlogs. However, while the two have denied these rumors earlier this summer, can they really actually be dating? If not, what’s the truth behind all of Bryce Hall’s rumors? Let’s dive into Twitter and see what they think. 

Gathering the evidence

Fans . . . or potential suitors


Vacation from what, though? Girls? 

“You are the weakest link!”

Fans working out the details

Trigger happy

Does this mean we have to assume that Bryce Hall is looking for a Republican girlfriend? 


Ok, but like does Bryce Hall actually have a GF? 

A history of jealousy

He is known to protect his TikTok girlfriends . . . 

We don’t even get it

But we’re due for Ted rewatch. 

The plot thickens

Girls rule and TikTok boys drool. 

Canseco’s swing and a miss

Perhaps there’s a reason why they could be hiding their relationship . . . not a whole lot of support. 

Mic drop

Girls . . . never date men who are shorter than you.

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