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Revengers assemble! Thor passing his hammer to Natalie Portman's Dr. Jane Foster has upset as many people as it's excited. Nerd out and learn why.

Why is Natalie Portman now playing ‘Thor’?

Thunderbolts & lightning! The MCU has finally dropped the new trailer for Thor: Love & Thunder and fans are losing their minds. Thor’s hammer is now being wielded by Natalie Portman’s resident space scientist. 

Fans are losing their minds and not all of them for the reasons expected. Many are excited to see a woman make the transition from girlfriend to hero. However, some are angry about it and feel it’s undeserved. 

Either way, Dr. Jane Foster made a hell of an entrance at the end of the trailer. What’s all the hype about?

Love interest

Natalie Portman first entered the Thor series as the titular hero’s love interest. Dr. Foster is a leading scientist in astrophysics, astronomy, and, of course, Asgard. She even created the Foster Theory, which explains transportation via the rainbow bridge.

Dr. Foster’s life was literally turned upside down while chasing storms in the middle of Arizona. Her assistant, Darcy Lewis (Kat Dennings), accidentally ran over the God of Thunder and the rest was chaotic, on & off history.

Fans of the Thor comic book series knew early on of Dr. Foster’s transition from girlfriend to hero. However, fans of the movie series could only hope for Dr. Foster’s ability to stick around and do things other than pine for her hammer-wielding boyfriend.

thor natalie portman

Lady Thor

The third Thor installation will see Natalie Portman return carrying Mjolnir or, as Lewis calls it, Mew Mew. Fans got their first peek at a newly muscular Dr. Foster in the full, comic-inspired Thor attire. It’s left them as confused as they are excited.

Yet, they may not be too confused since the MCU has recently brought in elements of the multiverse. It’s hand-wavy magic with the ability to combine concepts from different mediums. It’s the reason why three different Spider-Man characters were able to interact in one movie.

It’s also the catalyst for chaos & destruction for Phase 4. The popular Loki series on Disney Plus may have introduced the multiverse officially, but WandaVision gave fans the first tease. On May 6th, Dr. Strange & the Multiverse of Madness may answer questions, but it’s unknown how they might involve Dr. Foster.

thor natalie portman

Angry neckbeards

As usual, many MCU fans can’t fathom the idea of Thor’s hammer being carried by Natalie Portman. She’s a woman who was introduced to the series as his long-distance girlfriend. According to some, it’s the role she should still be playing.

Some of the same people who’ve been demanding comic book accuracy are now upset about the comic book accuracy. While it makes no sense, it’s certainly hilarious to watch the various levels of backpedaling. Some fans are even blaming affirmative action for her new role as Lady Thor.

Portman remains unbothered as she prepares for the introduction of Dr. Foster’s new role. It would surprise no one if she’s pulling from her oftentimes toxic experience with the Star Wars fandom. Regardless, she looks great in the new trailer and most fans can’t wait to see her wield the mighty Mew Mew.

thor natalie portman

New popularity

Neckbeards aside, some fans have legit reasons to be concerned. The first two Thor movies didn’t go over well with fans who now feel like the mantle is being passed to Natalie Portman prematurely. They feel like Thor needs more time to be developed into someone the fans can really love.

Some would argue, though, that his solo movies did him justice even though they weren’t very popular. The first Thor explored his personal development from bratty prince to noble king. Thor: The Dark World explored the science of Asgard and how it impacts the galaxy.

It wasn’t until director Taika Waititi (Our Flag Means Death) delivered Thor: Ragnarok that fans really fell in love with him as a hero. Naturally, Waititi has been brought back for Thor: Love & Thunder since the fans loved what he did with Thor’s story.

thor natalie portman

Dr. Foster won’t be the only woman holding a new position of power. Tessa Thompson is returning as King Brunnhilde, the last surviving member of the Valkyrie. Fans will be able to see the whole team in action alongside everyone’s favorite galactic heroes on July 8th. Then they can judge for themselves just how worthy Dr. Foster is of the mighty hammer.

Are you excited to see Natalie Portman picking up the heroic mantle in the new Thor movie? Do you feel like she deserves this power? Let us know your controversial & not-so-controversial thoughts in the comments below!

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