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Thomas Markle Jr. has been cast in 'Big Brother' and Twitter is not happy with the news. Get ready to say “Bye Bye B#$%es” as we dive into these reactions! 

Meghan Markle’s brother joins ‘Big Brother’: How have fans reacted on Twitter?

Meghan Markle’s estranged half-brother has been cast in the newest season of Big Brother in Australia and Twitter is . . . . not happy with the news. 

Thomas Markle Jr. was spotted today at the Sydney Airport before he was whisked off to quarantine before filming the new season of Big Brother, causing anger on Twitter due to his past criminal history and the limited return rate for Australian citizens during the pandemic. 

Of course, Twitter is currently discussing their . . . . mixed feelings on the latest Big Brother news. We chatted through the threads to find the best reactions on Twitter to this latest Big Brother update. Get ready to say “Bye Bye B#$%es” as we dive into these reactions to this update on Big Brother. 

Deport him 

Not the best start, Channel 7. 

Staff meetings 

We have no clue what they were thinking, but that seems pretty close . . . . 


Definitely seems like it. 

Read the room 

Vibe check=failed. 


Aka everyone’s reaction in a nutshell. 

Why not! 

Only this year, right? 

Yes sir 



You’re guess is as good as ours. 


Where do we start . . . . ?

Lost the plot 

Just a tad. 

What are your thoughts on this latest news for the new season of Big Brother? Drop them below in the comments before the season drops! 

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