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While it’ll be hard to recreate the magic of 'The Untamed', we’re already hooked on some of Xiao Zhan’s new projects for 2020. Here's why.

‘The Untamed’: Xiao Zhan’s 2020 projects

While we’ve fallen deeply in love with The Untamed, and can’t seem to stop watching and rewatching it, Wang Yibo and Xiao Zhan appear to have moved on. They have both loaded up their schedules with new projects and activities and giving us brand new shows to obsessively stream. 

While it’ll be hard to recreate the magic of The Untamed, we’re already hooked on some of Wang Yibo’s new projects for 2020. Xiao Zhan is also giving us a whole new slate of work to get hooked on in 2020 as well, and we are counting down the days until we get to see him in his new releases. 

While we anxiously await more projects that pair the two together, in the meantime we’ve figured out how to get our Xiao Zhan fix this year.

Douluo Continent 

Based on the popular Chinese web novel Douluo Dalu written by Tang Jia San Shao,  Douluo Continent will cover the first of the three-story series. 

The story follows Tang San (Xiao Zhan) who lost his mother as a small child and was raised by his father. Raised to be a mature and upstanding man, Tang San’s talent in the martial arts world led him to be sent to the Nuoshan martial arts school at just six years old.

A stellar student, Tang San is selected to attend Taishan College, alongside six other youths, to form the “Shrek Seven Devils”, a team that finds themselves embroiled in a prince’s battle for power. 

The Wolf

The Wolf is the second chapter of the Prince series after Prince of Lan Ling. Taking place towards the end of the Tang Dynasty, Zhu Wen (Ding Yongdai) forces Emperor Ai to abdicate his throne to him, and he establishes the Liang Dynasty.

One day a young boy from the wild accidentally falls off a cliff while being pursued for saving wolf pups. He is rescued by Zhu Wen who adopts him as a son and renames him Zhu Youwen (Darren Wang), titling him as Prince of Bo. 

Ten years later, the young boy meets and falls in love with Ma Zhai Xing (Li Qin), the daughter of a governor. The two become embroiled in a struggle for justice, power, and love.

The Oath of Love

Based on the novel of the same name by author Bo Lin Shi Jiang, The Oath of Love is a sweet romance of two gifted people finding one another.   

Lin Zhi Xiao’s (Yang Zi) life hits rock bottom right as she is about to graduate from university. Her father falls ill and has to be hospitalized, she ends up having to give up a job opportunity waiting for her, and she breaks up with her boyfriend. All her hopes and dreams for the future are dashed. 

When Lin Zhi Xiao accompanies her father to surgery, she meets Gu Wei (Xian Zhan), her father’s attending physician. The two unexpectedly find themselves instantly attracted to one another, and in the process of falling in love, they realize that they are meant to be.

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  • Xaio Zang & Wang Yibo are the gifted talent to look out for. Looking forward to their new independent releases & would be a treat to see them together on screen one day. Good luck guys.

    February 12, 2020
  • FAQ: Prior to entering show biz 5 years ago, Xiao Zhan was a graphic designer and photographer. He and Wang Yibo are also talented singers and dancers. They sang the OST for Untamed.

    February 12, 2020
  • we are waiting for season 2 of THE UNTAMED ,.. The best drama ever . i’ve watch the movir more than 2 times LoL

    February 14, 2020
  • Olá ! Em pensar que poderão lançar uma segunda temporada do filme The Untamed seria maravilhoso. Um filme baseado em Muitas histórias que envolvem mistérios, maldades e além de tudo um grande amor entre duas pessoas é ainda mais bonito quando esse amor nós levam a refletir sobre o verdadeiro sentimento de Amar alguém. Seriam muito gratificante e emocionante demais saber que nos dias de hoje toda a Humanidade poderem distinguir verdadeiramente o que sabem e entendem sobre nossas espécies humanas. Desde os primórdios os homens determinaram regras a sua especieis por não entenderem o porquê nascemos e Estamos sujeitos a morrer. O Homem enquanto estiver nas cavernas de si próprio não terá o entendimento da palavra Vidas humanas Eternas. Nascer, morrer e continuar mesmo que depois de morto o Homem por enquanto não compreendeu a criação humana. Salvo por incrível que pareça alguns que já compreenderam todos esses mistérios da Vida Eterna!! Bom né!!!

    August 5, 2020
  • It will be very hard to find the story to be perfect for them working together in the same way they did in The Untamed,The story
    made them so well the character actors, the abilities to act or challenge.

    April 18, 2021

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