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Fans of 'The Orville 'better strap in because the release date for season 3 has finally arrived! Get back to the ship as we dive into the latest news!

Has Hulu finally revealed ‘The Orville”s season 3 release date?

Fans of The Orville better strap in because the release date for season 3 has finally arrived! The Orville, after almost three years of hiatus, will finally get a season 3 according to representatives from Hulu yesterday. 

The Orville season 3 release date is a long time coming for fans of the show, which follows the crew The U.S.S. Orville, a mid-level exploratory spaceship. Headed by Captain Ed Mercer, the crew cross the wonders and horrors of the galaxy with hilarious results. It’s essentially Seth McFarlene’s love letter to Star Trek and we cannot be happier that The Orville season 3 finally got a release date! 

Of course, Twitter is already in hyper-drive over the news of The Orville season 3 release date. We flew through the galaxy of threads to find more information and the best reactions to this star-studded announcement. Get back to the ship as we dive into the latest news of The Orville’s season 3 release date! 

When last we left . . . . 

Considering the fact that, after The Orville was moved from Fox to Hulu, the COVID pandemic hit, we wouldn’t blame you if you were a bit rusty on the events of the last season. Luckily, we got you covered (spoilers ahead)

After the timeline got altered, our intrepid crew raced against the Kaylon to restore their original timeline and their memories. From finding a key protein from a resistance cell to getting the ship out of the Pacific Ocean, the last episode ends with Claire being slingshot back to the past to undo the doomed timeline by erasing Kelly’s memories, leaving the timeline restored and us questioning how they’re gonna top that

It seems, though, that the writers and producers have something up their sleeve. From what we can see from the teaser, it seems like the crew’s adventures have only just begun. 

3, 2, 1, blastoff! 

Season 3 of The Orville is set to release on Hulu on March 10, 2022. The core cast seems to be returning for the new season, meaning we’ll see Seth McFarlene as our fearless captain Ed Mercer alongside of Adrianne Palicki, Penny Johnson Jerald, Scott Grimes, Peter Macon, J. Lee, Mark Jackson, Chad L. Coleman, Jessica Szohr, and Anne Winters. This season will also contain one of Norm MacDonald’s last performances. 

Hulu executives seem excited to host the show, as Jordan Helman, head of scripted originals for Hulu, spoke of how old & new fans will enjoy the show. “I believe the fans of the show that are coming to us from Fox will be deeply excited and satiated,” Helman said according to SyFy. “I also think for new fans that maybe didn’t experience it, it will feel new to them.” 

It seems like the show is, after three years of disrupted production, finally flying through the stars once more. Of course, many on Twitter are already readying themselves to blast off with them. 

Twitter is grabbing red shirts 

Naturally, many fans took to Twitter to celebrate the news of a release date for The Orville. Reactions to the announcement include: 

Ask and ye shall receive! 

Yeah, the pandemic really did a number on production timelines . . . . 

He truly will be missed. 

No, bad kitty! 

Hollywood, you did good this time. 

What are your thoughts on The Orville season 3 finally getting a release date? Drop them below in the comments before the Kaylon exact their revenge!

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