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A lot of people think it’s all fun and games on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show'. Here are the strict rules in place for audience members.

Want to go to a taping of ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’? What it’s like

A lot of people think it’s all fun and games on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, but if you want to be part of the studio audience, you have to follow the rules. Besides Ellen DeGeneres being accused of being mean, the audience members who come visit are also subject to strict rules put in place by The Ellen DeGeneres Show producers. 

The audience has to follow a strict dress code on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Before you think about going to The Ellen DeGeneres Show in your sweats, make sure that you’ve looked into the dress code. Audience members are instructed to wear nice clothes that aren’t just black and white. 

If you’re planning on wearing jeans know that The Ellen DeGeneres Show is pretty picky about what counts as “jeans”.

You should also avoid coordinating outfits like you’re a group of bridesmaids. If you wear matching outfits, it gives the staff reason to deny you entry and you probably won’t look as cool aimlessly wandering around LA with your matching outfits. Who knows why you can’t wear matching outfits, but maybe producers don’t want you sucking up all that sweet sweet attention that should go to Ellen DeGeneres.

Audience members may have their stuff seized at The Ellen DeGeneres Show 

The Ellen DeGeneres Show states that fans shouldn’t bring items they wouldn’t bring to an airport. Cameras are also prohibited on The Ellen DeGeneres Show studio floor. The rules also state that items that appear on the ban list can be confiscated by security. Thankfully, you can still bring a phone, but there’s no word on whether your mom’s giant iPad counts. 

The Ellen DeGeneres Show audience must prepare to fast while on set

When you’re waiting to get into The Ellen DeGeneres Show, make sure to eat and drink enough. Once you’ve gotten inside The Ellen DeGeneres Show food and drinks of any kind are prohibited. 

The Ellen DeGeneres Show gives out maps to audience members with locations that are walking distance from the studio where they can eat if they need to.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show audience might not actually sit with friends

Once you’ve trekked across the country with your perfectly selected clothes, approved list of items, and filled yourself before going inside, you should be aware that you might not sit with the people you came with. 

The tickets to The Ellen DeGeneres Show are given out at random, so there’s no guarantee that you’ll sit with friends or family. It’s not clear if they’ll let you sit with your support animal.

The audience will have to dance at Ellen’s command 

If you’re brave enough to make it this far, you might get stuck as one of the dancing clowns in the dance row. Although the audience is expected to dance and clap during specific moments, only the most determined Ellen fans are asked to join the dance row. To be in The Ellen DeGeneres Show’s dance row you must be familiar with top-charting pop songs and be able to sing the chorus on command.

You cannot sleep over inThe Ellen DeGeneres Show studio

Once you’ve left the taping, also make sure you have somewhere to sleep. The producers of The Ellen DeGeneres Show won’t let you sleep under the stage, so make sure to take care of any accommodations yourself. 

You should probably stay close by if you intend on going to The Ellen DeGeneres Show, so keep that in mind when you make reservations. The show doesn’t provide any help in finding a place to stay nearby, so you’ll need to check a map to see where you should book.

If this list still makes you want to flaunt your stuff on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, then, by all means, have fun, but don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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