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Karens are, indeed, the worst. Despite this, the memes about Karens often let us express our annoyance. Here are our favorite Karen memes.

The best Karen memes: These will inspire you to talk to the manager

Karens. Ugh, Karens. By Karen, we mean a person, usually a middle-aged white woman, whose self-entitlement can lead to major aggression. She usually wants to see a manager. Karens are anti-vaxxers, the people who hate the Black Lives Matter protests, want to risk dying to get their haircut by ignoring COVID-19 restrictions, and the bane of anyone who has ever worked in customer service.

Karens are, indeed, the worst. Despite this, the memes about Karens often let us express our annoyance in emotionally healthy ways. So here are some more memes about Karens that will make them want to call the manager of the internet. 

1. Choose your fighter

Karen, Susan, or Brenda? Who will have the ultimate finishing move in Mortal Mom-bat? 

2. Karens in the wild

A pack of Karen’s is much more intimidating than Steve Irwin ever faced during the entirety of Crocodile Hunter

3. The manager of the amusement park? (Do they have those?)

It takes a stone-cold Karen to not show emotion on Splash Mountain. Stone. Cold. 

4. When the manager snaps back

Sometimes, managers of the world, don’t you wish you can just banish the Karens? 

5. It wasn’t the best haircut, Brie

Avengers: Endgame disappointed many in a lot of ways. (Looking at you the way that Steve Rogers story ended.) Brie Larson’s Karen haircut, however? Yikes. Bring back the Rachel.

6. When you ARE the manager

Ultimate power move? Being a manager when you meet a Karen in the wild. They won’t know what to do and the rush is incredible. 

7. The (one) good Karen

Godspeed, single good Karen, you paladin amongst peons. Fight back against the ones who share your name!

8. Karen during a pandemic

How many wasted away from lack of managers to complain to? How many? Seriously, we’d like a count.

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  • What? Wait a minute.

    There are no memes. Only a brief and horribly inadequate description of what I’m NOT SEEING!

    I’m going to need to speak with you manager. And make it snappy. I have an appointment to get my nails done.

    December 30, 2021

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