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Please don’t call our manager: All the best Karen memes

Karen, in the age of the Internet, has become less of a name and more of a stereotype. The image that the name conjures is a forty-something white woman with 2.5 kids, a husband, the Karen haircut, and for being the worst person anyone in customer service will have to up against. 

Karen wants you to accept an expired coupon. Karen wants you to drop everything right this minute. Karen wants to speak to your manager. 

Karen memes have arisen to take out this sort of person. They are bountiful and hilarious, especially if you have to deal with Karen all day at work. So, of course, it’s time to gather the very best Karen memes from across the internet for your enjoyment. 

1. The police manager

Karens of the world will want to speak to the manager or call the police. The ultimate power move will want to speak to the mythical police manager, whoever they are. 

2. Existence is a prison

For our fellow person out in the service industry, we salute you. Not just for having to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic and the general crush anxiety of existence in uncertain times, but also for dealing with the Karens of the world on top of that. You do not get paid enough.

3. Illegal

People are not robots, Karen. Sometimes they make a mistake, but that doesn’t mean you have to mean to them for, you know, being a human being.

4. Run and hide non-managerial staff

Karen will always come for you. You must hide the best you can.

5. Manager is done with you, Karen.

No matter how much you yell, Karen. The manager is done with you.

6. Do Karens come out fully formed?

Like Athena bursting forth from Zeus’ head? Do Karens just arrive with full form and ready to demand a manager? A question for the ages, indeed.

7. It’s like employees are people, huh?

The customer may be always right, even when they’re wrong. But, you know, that doesn’t mean you have to chew out some poor employee there, Karen.

8. Karen needs to chill

We’ll stop with the Karen memes when you stop behaving badly with employees, okay?

9. Power move

Being the manager when Karen asks to speak with a manager is the ultimate power move. We won’t believe differently.

10. And the time Justin became Karen

The Biebs maybe should have thought twice before getting the Karen cut.

Karens seem to be taking the world by storm and Ellen DeGeneres is one of the biggest Karens out there! Don’t believe us? Here’s all the proof you need.

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    February 4, 2021

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