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Ellen DeGeneres a Karen? How could it be? Ellen may have the Karen haircut but what does this mean? Let's find out.

Is Ellen DeGeneres’s Karen haircut proof she’s the worst Karen around?

At the 2020 Golden Globes (one of the last big events before everything got canceled), Ellen DeGeneres walked on the red carpet sporting a Karen haircut. That winged bob that big box store associates everywhere dread to see, the Karen haircut is a short, usually blond do that screams entitled lady. 

What’s that, you ask? Ellen DeGeneres a Karen? How could it be? Ellen has such an affable personality! People dance on her show. She was the fish in Finding Nemo. How could she be mean? Turns out, who Ellen is when the cameras aren’t rolling is a very different person from when they’re on. That person, sadly, is a Karen, haircut and all. 

What’s a Karen? 

A Karen is a woman, often a white, middle-class suburban mom, who bullies people under her to get her way. Baristas tremble when they see her strolling in with her haircut and cross attitude. She’s also rude and has a penchant for speaking with the manager over the most minor inconvenience. 

Ellen’s TV persona in no way comes across as a Karen. Backstage, reports of Ellen’s less than friendly behavior surfaced in April. While her TV presence doesn’t match, Ellen’s Karen haircut reveals all. 

“The meanest people alive”

A tweet called for stories from fans to confirm whether or not Ellen Degeneres was “one of the meanest people alive.” Rather than getting a bunch of tweets defending Ellen, the Twitterverse got the tea about Ellen being a Karen, and lots of it. 

Former staff reported that Ellen has a lot of Karen rules on the set. There are signs backstage ordering the crew to “never look the host in the eye”. If Ellen thinks a crew member or a staff member smells bad, she sends them home to shower. Because she has issues with smell, she makes staff chew gum before entering her dressing room. 

Staff also report that Ellen DeGeneres has a “least favorite” of the day. A new staff member was warned that Ellen is vicious towards one staff member each day and when it’s “your turn,” to just ride it out. He didn’t believe it at first, then he said it was true. Another source said Ellen treated them “like peasants.” That’s Karen behavior. 

Nikki Tutorials

Nikki Tutorials is a transgender YouTuber. She was invited on Ellen DeGeneres’s show where everything seemed normal – no bigotry, no awkward questions, just a normal segment. Per usual, Ellen wasn’t a Karen at all in front of the cameras. 

Then, Nikki Tutorials appeared on a Dutch TV show where they asked her about her experience on Ellen DeGeneres’ show. She seemed reluctant to answer, and her hesitation gave a clue that Ellen may not have been as nice to her when the cameras weren’t rolling. We think Nikki may have been scared to face the wrath of Karen. 

How much of a Karen is Ellen, really? 

Ellen’s reported Karen behavior goes back long before Ellen DeGeneres’ Karen haircut. Ellen received criticism for a lot of her actions going way back. She is a control freak regarding her show and unless everything is 100% her way, she’s not happy. While that’s true for a lot of creators and entertainers, per sources, Ellen takes it to Karen levels. 

Is Ellen embracing her “Karen-ness”? 

Ellen DeGeneres’ hairstyle is easy to do at home – it’s essentially a bowl cut. Maybe Karens everywhere will trade in the winged bob for a bowl cut. Even without the blowback, we don’t think Karens will stop liking Ellen DeGeneres. In fact, with her new hair cut, Karens will flock to her more.

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