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With Zoë Kravitz coming on as Catwoman, it’s clear that Matt Reeves wants the cast of 'The Batman' truly to bring characters to life, embodying key aspects.

‘The Batman’ has found its Catwoman in Zoë Kravitz. Who’s next?

It’s a good year to be Zoë Kravitz. Between a stellar season of Big Little Lies, getting to lead her own show on Hulu, and now becoming Catwoman again, Kravitz is just winning the Hollywood game.

On October 14th, TheWrap dropped the news that Kravitz signed on to play Catwoman in Matt Reeves’s The Batman alongside Robert Pattinson as Batman. Reeves confirmed the announcement on Twitter later that day. Besides Pattinson, Kravitz is the only other actor officially signed onto the project. 

Why Kravitz is perfect

We’ve already dived into why Pattinson is the perfect Batman, but Kravitz might just be even better casting than Pattinson. First off, this isn’t Kravitz’s first time playing Catwoman. While a much smaller role, she voiced Selina Kyle in The Lego Batman Movie back in 2017. 

Kravitz is also no stranger to blockbuster franchises. With roles in the Divergent and Fantastic Beasts series, she knows how to fit herself into a franchise. She’s even had experience in the superhero genre, with a role in X-Men: First Class as Angel Salvadore. She can handle the heat of carrying the DC franchise with her stepdad Jason Momoa. 

Zoë Kravitz will kill as Catwoman in The Batman and we’re excited to see her step into the leather boots of Selina Kyle. 

Any other names being thrown around?

While none of these casting announcements are official, both Jonah Hill and Jeffrey Wright have been rumored to join The Batman as the Riddler and Commissioner Gordon, respectively. Jeremy Irons was Alfred in the Batfleck films, but it’s unknown if he’ll stay on or be replaced since Ben Affleck has no ties to this film anymore. 

No other actors have been tied or rumored to be apart of The Batman. Naturally, this means it’s time to start dreamcasting who else would be in the film. Robert Pattinson was already out there casting, as he’s made a name for himself as an indie star over the past few years. 

Then with Zoë Kravitz coming on as Catwoman, it’s clear that Matt Reeves wants the cast of The Batman to be actors who can truly bring characters to life, embodying key aspects. 

So, who else should be in The Batman? There are some great options. We’ll assume the Joker isn’t making an appearance after Joker, but there are plenty of other iconic Batman sidekicks and villains that could show up on the big screen again.

Michael Cera as Robin

Look, Joseph Gordon Levitt is cute and he did a decent job in The Dark Knight Rises, but he’s not awkward enough to be Robin. On the other hand, Michael Cera is the king of nerdy and awkward, and would nail the Boy Wonder role. Cera played Robin in The Lego Batman Movie and killed it. Why not bring this animated character to life in a live-action Batman film with the same voice, like with Kravitz?

Robin is always portrayed as a teenager, and Michael Cera has looked like he’s 16 since he was 16. Though Reeves’s The Batman is looking like a more serious portrayal of the character, it still needs some comedy in it. Robin is usually used as the comic relief anyway, so give Cera a chance to do something more dramatic for once.

Bryan Cranston as Commissioner Gordon

Walter White needs a turn on the right side of the law. In our post-Breaking Bad world, Cranston has returned to his Malcolm in the Middle days, playing fathers and father figures in a variety of films. Maybe it’s time to break Cranston out of the father hole and work as an ally to RoPa’s Batman. 

Cranston would nail it as Gordon in The Batman. He plays disgruntled yet agreeable like that’s his normal personality, key to properly playing the Commissioner. Heck, Cranston was in the running to play Gordon when Batman came to the DCEU, so it’s clear he’s destined finally to step into Gordon’s shoes and act as leader of the Gotham City PD. 

Lindsey Morgan as Batgirl/Barbara Gordon

Just as key to Batman’s story as Commissioner Gordon is his daughter Barbara. Different from Batwoman, Batgirl was just the police commissioner’s daughter who ends up wanting to fight crime alongside Batman instead of in the police force. She’s still stupidly smart, with a Ph.D. in library studies and position as head of the Gotham City library system.

Who would be a better fit than The 100’s handy mechanic? Morgan as Barbara sounds amazing, as she’s already played a character who’s handy, quick thinking, and can kick some serious Gotham City butt if needed. Plus, as Rayen on The 100, Morgan has shed some tears and done some fantastic dramatic acting perfect for the type of film The Batman is turning out to be.

Andy Serkis as Penguin

Maybe it’s cheating throwing him on this list, as Serkis just finished a stint as a Marvel villain, but that makes him perfect for the Gentleman of Crime. Serkis is better known for his motion capture work in films like Lord of the Rings and the Planet of the Apes reboot, clearly showing his diversity as an actor. 

But as stated above, Serkis just showed his own face as Ulysses Klaue in Avengers: Age of Ultron and Black Panther, totally terrifying even without a mocap suit on. Imagine Serkis in the tailcoat and pinstripe pants of the Penguin! Especially if the rumors are true and Jonah Hill is set to play Riddler, the two of them as villain combo in The Batman would be amazing. 

Maggie Smith as Alfred (Frederika?) Pennyworth

What if the legendary valet/butler of the Waynes were actually “just” Bruce’s nanny? It’s clear Matt Reeves doesn’t want to connect The Batman to other DC films, and changing the origin of Alfred would clearly set himself apart. If you’re going to change the origin though, it has to be with someone good. Maggie Smith is most certainly the woman for that job.

The legendary British actress has franchise experience between Downton Abbey and Harry Potter, so she knows how to hold her own against all the action that’s going on around her. Smith is also extremely motherly in her own nature, which makes her perfect for the parental figure for Batman, Frederika.

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