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Well, so much for our investment in TubbyCoin. These April Fools Day jokes get us every time. Invest your time in these hilarious Teletubbies memes!

Are the Teletubbies getting into Bitcoin? These Twitter memes say yes

What do Chipoltle, Joe Exotic, and the Teletubbies all have in common? Bitcoin! Apparently . . . 

Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency which was invented in 2008 seems to have a knack for being the focus on many April Fools Day pranks. Last year, it was the Bitfinex energy drink by the sister exchange of Stablecoin issuer Tether, who tweeted out a Monster-like energy can with the caption “Bitcoin never sleeps so why should you?” 

Now, it seems more recognizable brands are getting in on the April Fools Day action, including the BBC children’s show Teletubbies, which ran from 1997 to 2014. Today, you can get in on the cryptocurrency game with TubbyCoin, which conveys the value of big hugs! Sadly, TubbyCoin was ultimately debunked as an April Fool’s joke for charity, but it did lead to some pretty awesome Teletubbies memes!  

Find the source

Always keep your eyes on the prize, and never underestimate the value of a hug. 

A little dark

You won’t find any sun with a laughing babyface on this side of money. 

The naughty list

Welp . . .  looks like Santa’s sleigh won’t be making its way to the Tubbytronic Superdome this year! We cannot wait for the holiday version of these Teletubbies memes. 

If Teletubbies became Ultron

Teletubbies broken down into digital matter . . . it’s beautiful.  

You Musk invest


Gas prices rise

Well, when you’re used to paying the cheap costs of Tubby Custard your entire life, what did you expect? Here’s hoping the rest of these Teletubbies memes don’t get any darker. 

The King hands over his crown

And we thought LeBron James becoming a part-owner of the Boston Red Sox was a big deal. 

Thank you for your Tubby service

The Government owns everything, anyways. 

Teletubbies Plus

We totally forgot how their stomachs were also televisions. We’re officially moving on from Teletubbies memes to memes about a new Teletubbies Plus streaming service, available only from the stomachs of our favorite furry friends! 


Remember when we had hoped that these Teletubbies memes wouldn’t get any darker? Well . . . jokes on us.

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