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One look at these pictures of Harry Styles and all anyone can see is Miranda Sings. Check out these memes joking about Styles' latest fashion choice!

Should Harry Styles fire his stylist? All these memes scream “yes”

Harry Styles is known for his unique fashion choices, but has he gone too far this time? Twitter has seemed to unanimously agree that despite his latest outfit being absolutely meme worthy, we can’t seem to love him any less! 

Check out the memes about Harry Styles and his latest concert fit that’s got everyone comparing him to Colleen Ballinger AKA Miranda Sings. You know, wonky red lipstick and horrific singer/comedian. Well, you’ve just got to see the memes to believe it.

Bright red pants & button-up shirt = Miranda Sings

Harry Styles cosplaying Miranda Sings.

Try and find what’s wrong with this picture. We’ll give you a few minutes.

Take your time.

The duality of Harry Styles is truly unmatched.

King of both golf & cosplay.

Despite the quirky look, the vibes are still immaculate.

All it took was some dance moves and he was forgiven.

Expensive doesn’t exactly equate to good. . .

Miranda Sings but make it Gucci.

Was the Miranda Sings reference intentional?

Miranda Sings herself responded to the memes!

Miranda or Louis? The world may never know. . .

Both are equally iconic and apparently fashionable.


That’s our exact reaction too, Miranda.

Miranda Sings seems to be just as shocked as the rest of us.

As long as Harry Styles still loves us, we’ll always love him too.

You’re beautiful too, Harry!

Miranda Sings cosplayer supports bisexual awareness!

Harry Styles continues to be an equality king even in this fit. 

Which one of these Harry Styles memes is the funniest? Let us know your memes & thoughts about Harry Styles in the comments below!

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