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Former model Ida Gasparova has experienced tremendous success with her fashion line Incantevole Milano. Learn more about the line here.

Former model Ida Gasparova discusses fashion line Incantevole Milano

Traveling is often referred to as a journey of self-discovery. Travel shapes the traveler’s perceptions and helps them realize their true goals in life. This is exactly what Ida Gasparova has experienced during her adventures. 

The former model has been closely associated with the fashion industry in Europe and used to travel almost six months of the year until she realized what her next big step would be. 

Ida grew up in a small town in Slovakia. She left home with a small suitcase and stars in her eyes to live life on her terms at a young age. initially, it was difficult for her to sustain her dreams, but, with time, she overcame all the challenges she faced to develop a fierce, positive attitude that she cherishes to this day. 

After a successful career as a model and gathering loads of travel experience, Ida decided to venture into entrepreneurship with her fashion line Incantevelo Milano, exclusively for young and fearless women. 

Inspired by the top fashion trends in Europe, Ida designed, produced, and will now market her fashion brand. According to her, every piece of clothing at Incantevelo Milano is designed to make women feel elegant yet classy. Ida knows how to make women feel feminine and desired. 

She has personally designed the pieces to leave enough to the imagination yet add a sultry touch to the woman wearing them. Her idea of women’s fashion is trendy and forward-thinking. It is for modern women who want to look graceful yet classy in an ensemble. 

Ida has left no stone unturned to shape her dream concept of Incantevelo Milano into reality. She has procured the finest fabrics from across Italy to enhance the line’s delicate appeal and has hired the best Italian tailors to style her clothing line to make it classic yet trendy. 

Incantevelo Milano is expected to be unveiled by winter this year. The brand will bring an exclusive range of ready-to-wear dresses for bold and beautiful women. Incantevelo Milano will be available across all fashion retailers in the world and via an online store. 

The goal of Incantevelo Milano is to make women feel beautiful, comfortable, and desired. After putting her best efforts into this brand from conceptualization to production and now marketing, Ida feels Incantevelo Milano will accomplish her goal in no time. 

She is optimistic about the response the brand will receive from fashionistas across the globe. Going forward, she wants to expand her business to a few more locations across the world. This way, Incantevelo Milano will reach more women to make them look trendy yet classy. 

Her experiences have always been the driving force behind launching her brand Incantevelo Milano. However, that does not mean she is using her influences to design her clothing line. She is set on keeping the fashion brand completely unique and elegant. That’s why Ida is careful about her design ideas. She doesn’t want to create anything that she cannot claim to be her own. 

Ida Gasparova has planned many more philanthropic activities in the near future, but, for now, she is completely focused on making Incantevelo Milano a success. Going by her progress so far, it’s only a matter of time until Incantevelo Milano becomes a leading fashion brand worldwide.

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