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'Spencer' screened a teaser and footage at CinemaCon. Look through the best reactions on Kristen Stewart's performance in the first look movie footage.

‘Spencer’: Why do people hate Kristen Stewart as Lady Diana in this movie?

Spencer, the Kristen Stewart-starring movie about Princess Diana, revealed a teaser trailer and about five minutes of footage over at CinemaCon yesterday. Not surprising, after all, the Pablo Larrain directed movie is probably one of the hottest tickets out there. Based on those images? It looks like Stewart has nailed the look of the late Princess. 

But is she good in it? Let’s be real. Stewart has had the criticism of being a bit wooden in her acting roles. So do people like her or hate her in the role? Well, those who’ve seen the footage yesterday have taken to Twitter to talk about it. In addition, people also have thoughts on what was released to the general public, which was the poster for the upcoming Spencer.


Let’s start with the poster.

It’s great!



Sounds like Stewart is killing it.


Accent? Check

Curious as all get out to hear that accent.


Critics agree

Everyone seems to be thinking that an Oscar nom is in the actress’ future.


Footage sounds interesting

We’re so ready to actually see the footage. 



Most people need to see more to make a decision.


Spencer hype train

People are really looking forward to seeing the movie.


Maybe it’s time we stop holding the sins of Bella Swan against her

People are ready to give Kristen Stewart another chance.


Yeah . . . 

Seriously though. We may need to blame Twilight for this.


Get it, girl

Get ready because Kristen Stewart may get a statue of a golden guy named Oscar.

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