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It seems like Twitter’s favorite punching bag has come back for another round. Grab your teacups and dive into the latest hit to Shaun King's net worth.

Will Shaun King’s new claims affect his net worth? Laugh at Twitter’s roasts

It seems like Twitter’s favorite punching bag has come back for another round. American writer and civil rights activist Shaun King has come under fire once again after Samaria Rice, mother of Tamir Rice, dragged Shaun King in a way that many speculate will hurt his net worth. 

Samaria Rice took to Instagram yesterday, claiming her conversation with Shaun King about the funds he had raised in her son’s name was toxic & uncomfortable, stating that she hadn’t asked him to raise any money. This claim, however, isn’t what may end up taking Shaun King’s net worth to the toilet. That belongs to the post he made about how he was, in fact, a black man after Rice argued otherwise. 

The post detailed his heritage in laughable terms and, naturally, Twitter took it and ran with it. We laughed our way through the threads and found the best reactions to this latest hit to Shaun King’s net worth. Grab your teacups and dive into the best reactions to the latest Shaun King tea. 

Crying out loud

We think it’s time he stepped out of the conversation . . . 

Batter up 

Now that’s a home run! 


We’re just as confused as you, dude. 


Honestly, that’s a smart move . . . 


Pretty much Twitter’s reaction to this in a nutshell. 

New nicknames 

These are comedy gold

Sips tea 

*Clinks glass* Cheers, dude. 

Not mathing 

As a group of non-math people, we can safely say your calculations are off. 

Are you? 

Apparently that’s a more complicated question than we think . . . 


You can say it as many times as you like, dude, but we don’t think anyone is buying it . . . 

What are your thoughts on Shaun King’s latest Tweet, and do you think this’ll hurt his net worth? Drop your thoughts below in the comments to keep these roasts hot! 

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