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Netflix is about to release its most bizarre original series of all time. Prepare yourself for 'Sexy Beasts' with our recap of all the show's details.

Is this the wackiest dating series ever? Watch the latest Netflix Original

In case there were any doubters, Netflix is releasing a new original series that reminds everyone that we all exist in the worst timeline. Sexy Beasts is a new romantic reality show. The set up is simple: people go on blind dates, wearing make-up and prosthetics that make their heads look like animals. Yes, you read that right, and yes, we’re just as shocked as you are.

Believe it or not, this horror show has been attempted before. Back in 2014, BBC Three aired their own version of Sexy Beasts, with more-or-less the exact same premise. Since then, the show has been adapted by A&E in America, Sixx in Germany, and KBS in Korea. Netflix is just the most recent company to subject the world to visions of anthropomorphic animals attempting to find love.

The novelty factor of Sexy Beasts is enough to guarantee it’ll have some viewers. You don’t have long to wait before you can watch it at home, but first you should prepare yourself with the preview we’ve got ready for you here.

Trailer time

Yesterday, Netflix released the first trailer for their original series Sexy Beasts. It isn’t for the faint-of-heart.

The trailer opens with a panda and a boar (maybe a bull?) enjoying a nice dinner while talking about babies and health insurance. It goes on to feature dolphin and jaguar heads alongside mice, owls, and what looks like a play on Frankenstein’s monster. It’s a veritable zoo in the trailer, and the show itself is bound to pack in even more artfully designed creatures.

The overall effect of seeing animal and monster heads affixed to normal human bodies is unnerving to say the least. How exactly does dressing up like an animal help a person find love? Well, the pitch for the show is that it gives people the ultimate blind date experience. The Netflix original series emphasizes the importance of “personality over looks”, even while using looks as its primary marketing tool.

Early criticism

Sexy Beasts hasn’t even made its way to Netflix yet, but the show is already getting some criticism. Mostly, people point to its “personality over looks” claims as a bit of exaggeration at best. The prosthetic make-up doesn’t really hide much about a person’s looks, aside from their face, and even then features seem to leak through. In the trailer a chipmunk says, “A$$ first, personality second”, and that is very much on the table.

To make matters even more complicated, pretty much everyone featured in the show is conventionally attractive. The trailer offers only brief glimpses of the show’s contestants sans prosthetics, but it’s clear that the casting department was looking for people who wouldn’t look out of place on a more traditional reality television show.

Twitter reactions

Most of Twitter is having a grand old time poking fun at the new Netflix original series, and to be fair, the streaming giant really set itself up for this one. Let’s just say there’s a lot to unpack with Sexy Beasts.

This seems like the most realistic question to ask after watching the trailer, besides maybe “Am I having a nightmare?”.

Even while claiming its all about personality, Netflix seems to be highlighting the physical aspects of its dating show contestants as much as humanly possible.

If one thing can bring “furries” and “non-furries” together, it’s total confusion at whatever is going on in Sexy Beasts.

Sexy Beasts airs on Netflix on July 21st. Will you be tuning in for a viewing? Are you going to be able to sleep at night after watching the trailer? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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