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The glamorous real estate agents are back in season 4 of 'Selling Sunset'! With two pregnancies on the show, will we see Maya & Christine have their babies?

‘Selling Sunset’: Will Maya and Christine have their babies in season 4?

Selling Sunset season 4 is about to be the best season of the hit reality TV show yet. With all the interesting drama we watched unfold in the first three seasons, it’s hard to imagine what’s to come next. Following the lives of some of the most beautiful, elite, and professional real estate agents in California has been extremely entertaining to say the least. 

Netflix tapped into a gold mine with this show concept and the biggest question viewers have at the moment about Selling Sunset season 4 is if Maya Vander & Christine Quinn will be giving birth on the show. In real life, both women have already given birth to their little ones but no one knows for sure if the camera crew captured those moments for viewers to see. Here’s what we do know.

Maya Vander in Selling Sunset season 4 

Maya Vander is known for being pretty open when it comes to her pregnancies on the show. Viewers watched her take a pregnancy test in the office bathroom with Chrishell Stause waiting outside the door for the results. We also saw Maya’s face of disappointment when Chrishell accidentally spilled the beans about her pregnancy to other agents. 

Maya is known to be someone who avoids drama & conflict in the office since she knows how to be extremely diplomatic & fair. She doesn’t necessarily choose sides between anyone – she just remains cordial with everyone. If she chose to let the birth of her most recent child land some airtime in Selling Sunset season 4, it will be exciting to see but it most likely won’t happen.

In the last couple of seasons, viewers also got to see Maya deeply considering a decision to leave the Oppenheim group and relocate to Miami full-time to be with her husband. It’s likely that she gave birth in Miami, where her husband is, and that the camera crew for Selling Sunset season 4 wasn’t present for the moment.

Christine Quinn in Selling Sunset season 4

Christine Quinn is a lot different than Maya Vander because she’s very comfortable being the center of attention and very comfortable being in the heart of all the drama. Christine’s perky personality, blatant honesty, and passion for boldness shines through in every episode of the show. In fact, she’s considered a fan favorite of the show because of her personality.

Since Christine is happy to put herself out there for the show to be more entertaining, it’s very likely the details of her pregnancy will make it into Selling Sunset season 4. According to social media, Christine’s pregnancy wasn’t a blissful breeze by any means. She dealt with some major complications and revealed that she even flatlined at one point.

Fans of the show are curious to know about everything that happened from start to finish. What went wrong, how she got through it, and how is she doing now? Christine’s feud with Chrishell Stause was a huge focal point in the show, but with the pregnancy she just went through, there are obviously bigger issues to address than an unfriendly office relationship.

Other drama we might see in Selling Sunset season 4

Selling Sunset season 4 is bound to be jam packed with intriguing drama revolving around all the women in the office – not just Maya Vander & Christine Quinn. Updates about Chrishell Stause’s love life, Heather Rae Young’s upcoming wedding day, and new real estate agents in the Oppenheim group will be showcased. 

Updates about Mary Fitzgerald & Romain Bonnet’s relationship and fertility journey will hopefully be included as well. Fans are genuinely rooting for them to make it work. People are also curious to see what’s new with Davina Potratz since she played such a major role in the feud between Christine & Chrishell. 

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