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Picking the right wedding ring can be a daunting task. Here are some tips on how to gage which wedding rings are the best.

How to Pick the Best Wedding Rings for Your Big Day

One of the dreams many people have is their wedding day. From a young age, you visualize how the day will be. There’s even a TikTok trend where people are sharing what their rules are for their future weddings. There’s just a sense of joy thinking about your wedding day.

For ladies, the bridal gown and cake are top priority. For men, you think about the perfect tuxedo.  

Now, years later, you’re about to tie the knot. But, one thing is giving you and your partner a major headache. You cannot seem to decide on the best wedding rings. You spend hours scouring the internet looking for some help.  

You realize that you don’t have a good idea of what you should be looking for. If you are in this position, please read on. We will show you how to pick the best wedding rings and the best lab created diamond engagement rings for your big day. 

Do Not Wait Until the Last Minute

Preparing for a wedding can be pretty hectic. Even with the best wedding planner, you must have an active role. It gets more hectic the closer you get to the wedding date.  

A good idea is to have a wedding checklist. It helps to cross out items as you complete them. One of the earliest things you must take care of is buying wedding bands. If you wait till the last minute, you could end up picking something that you do not like. 

The ring shop also needs sufficient time to customize your rings according to your specifications. A reasonable timeline is to start shopping at least six months before the wedding.  

Do Not Be Afraid To Ask Questions 

Wedding ring jewelers get a lot of questions. Some are pretty basic, like which finger does a wedding ring go on. Others are not even sure about which hand the ring goes on. It is your right to ask as many questions as you wish before making the final decision. Don’t forget to also ask about the different types of metals available.  

Take the opportunity to learn how to measure the right ring size. You will, for example, notice that the jeweler takes note of the conditions of the fingers when measuring. They will not do it on hands that are too cold, too hot, or bloated.

They may also advise against measuring for rings when pregnant. The body tends to retain a lot of water resulting in bloating.  When the body goes back to normal, you may find that it no longer fits.  

Your Lifestyle Matters

Your wedding 10k diamond ring is something that you wear every single day. If you lead a pretty hectic outdoor lifestyle, look for a durable material. You also want one that can withstand exposure to different elements or chemicals. 

Online stores like are good references for checking materials for wedding rings. It’s helpful to have a chart that gives you an idea of the color, material, and price at a quick glance. 

  • Tungsten carbide is scratch-resistant and very durable.
  • Titanium is durable but not scratch-proof.  
  • Platinum is durable but also expensive and needs a lot of maintenance. If the engagement ring is Platinum, you may want to stick with it for the wedding band. Platinum will scratch other metals because of how tough it is. If the budget does not allow for Platinum, you can go for Palladium. It shares some similarities with Platinum but is more price friendly.
  • Silver is soft and may scratch over time. You must also spend quite a bit of time on maintenance. But, it is an inexpensive metal and works well if you do not have too much of a budget.
  • White Gold is a good substitute for Platinum, as we have highlighted above. You must also keep up with maintenance because the rhodium plating does wear off eventually.
  • Rose gold is a fantastic option for the bride’s ring.  It has a pinkish hue that makes it very attractive to look at. The color comes from the combination of silver and copper that are the main material in rose gold.  Rose Gold is durable and maintains color over a long time. 
  • Cobalt is a combination of different metals like tungsten, iron, and chromium. It is durable, malleable, and looks a lot like white gold. 
  • Tantalum is durable, scratch and warp resistant. It is an excellent material for those who may have allergic skin reactions to metals. 

Have Clarity on What You Both Want

It helps to have an idea of what kind of rings you both want. Have a checklist around what you would want your wedding ring sets to look like.  

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you have a personal style that you may want to have on the ring?  Personal styles can be different, so you might need to be okay with not having a matching ring with your partner. 
  • Should the band be plain or embellished? 
  • Will her band share certain similarities with the engagement ring? Some Jewelers will sell matching engagement and wedding rings. Others even throw in the band in the set. 
  • Do you want your wedding rings to match? 

A good idea is to shop for the wedding ring. It is an excellent way to bond and it can be quite a fun experience.  

Decide On a Budget

The budget will pretty much determine what kind of rings you get. As every material is special in their own way, the prices of rings also vary. Allocating a particular amount will also help you keep within what you can spend. The experts recommend that the rings should not exceed 5% of the total budget. 

Get creative with what you have. Instead of going for Platinum which is quite costly, try white gold. Also, want to expand your search to include well-known brands. Big names or designer rings cost much more.

Final Thoughts

Your wedding day signifies a life change. Finding the perfect way to symbolize it is critical. That is what you get with a wedding ring. Give yourself sufficient time to shop so that you are not rushing to beat the wedding timeline. 

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