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Scott Disick has quite the dramatic dating record. Here's how his romantic endeavors impact his net worth.

Is Scott Disick’s dramatic dating life increasing his net worth?

Scott Disick, known as Kourtney Kardashian’s baby daddy from reality show Keeping up with the Kardashians, is back on the market. (Yes, we know what you’re thinking: “again?”) 

On the prowl?

Disick has quite the reputation with the ladies. In fact, only months after his split from Sofia Richie, he was spotted having dinner with model Bella Banos. 

Before we jump to conclusions, a source close to Disick stated, “Scott isn’t looking for anything serious right now. His love for Sofia ran really deep, and although that chapter is closed, it just ended.” Disick’s dinner with Banos wasn’t the start of a grand romance after all. 


Disick needs time to mend his broken heart following his breakup with Sofia Richie. (Turns out Disick isn’t a heartless playboy like we thought.) The source went on to say, “He’s really, really trying to focus on himself and his health right now.”

Disick & Richie ended their three-year relationship in August. Though he’s been known to get back into the dating pool immediately after a breakup, Disick has made himself his priority this time. 

The source revealed Disick was practicing self-care as much as possible and he was in a good place with his ex, Kourtney Kardashian. The source said Kourtney is happy that Scott is “single right now” so that he can “just focus on himself” and their three children. 

“He’s been seeing the kids more than ever, probably daily,” the source added. “Scott and Kourtney live so close, and since the kids are home, they both have been flexible when it comes to scheduling. It’s really nice, and the kids love it.”

Although Disick isn’t pursuing any serious relationships, the source said this didn’t mean he wasn’t going to spend time with or date someone, thus the reason we spotted Disick with Bella at Nobu recently. The source added that while Disick might grab dinner or coffee with someone, “he’s not going to rush into having a girlfriend just to have one.”


On the other hand, Sofia Richie was spotted out with Jaden Smith at Delilah in West Hollywood. Just a few months earlier, the two were seen getting flirty over Labor Day weekend causing many to wonder if she was over Disick.

Before we jump to conclusions (because it’s hard not to), it turns out Jaden & Sofia are just good friends. According to a close source, “Sofia and Jaden have known each other for years, so it’s no surprise to see them hanging out.” In fact, they dated when they were teenagers and they’ve maintained a wonderful friendship with each other ever since.

However, another source stated, “They’re hanging out a lot and things have gotten quite flirty. They’re not exclusive yet, and Sofia’s keeping her options open, but things are heading in that direction.” Will Sofia & Jaden rekindle their high school romance?

The source said Richie needs to take some time before getting into another relationship because her split from Disick was not too long ago. “Sofia feels reborn again and wishes she left Scott ages ago. But she’s trying not to dwell too much,” the source added. 

Relationships are hard but breakups are harder. Instead of going through the self-destructive route Scott Disick knows best, he’s decided to focus on himself in a positive way – as he should! Props to Scott Disick for practicing some self-love.

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