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If you're a Nickelodeon fan, chances are you know who Dan Schneider is. He's been accused of abuse, but why? Take a look at some of his troubling behavior.

Do these strange Nickelodeon scenes prove Dan Schneider is abusive?

If you’re a die-hard Nickelodeon fan (or probably just a regular one), you may have heard of Dan Schneider. He was the producer that brought us All That, iCarly, The Amanda Show, Drake & Josh, Zoey 101, and Victorious, , among other hits. And, despite all this success, Nick & Schneider went separate ways in 2018 after abuse allegations reared their ugly heads.

People who worked with Schneider allegedly described two major forms of abuse: anger issues & foot fetishes. The first has been a constant for production staff, whose members reported the producer had had temper flare-ups on several occasions. And the foot issue came when Schneider decided to tweet some pictures of some of his young stars’ toes.

But some people are paying attention to some strange scenes, claiming these snippets show that his stars may have been suffering abuse, one way or another. Many will say Nick’s female stars have been abuse victims while acting in scenes portraying erotic content in a show made for children & teenagers. That being said, let’s take a look at those weird scenes.

Highly sexual content in Victorious

Adding extra fuel to the fire of the foot fetish allegations, Dan Schneider certainly knew how to make his shows look more sexually appealing. In a deleted scene of the Nickelodeon show Victorious, the star Victoria Justice was made into a “sandwich” where she was the “meat” part of it. 

And in another deleted scene from the same show, Tori shows her buttocks to Jade, in what some would call “inappropriate” for a scene that took place in a classroom, let alone a kids’ show! The scene ends with Jade putting Tori’s chair to the ground.

Hot tub “fun”

Then there’s Amanda Bynes on the Nickelodeon show that led her to stardom: The Amanda Show. In some unearthed behind-the-scenes footage, one image may have caught the attention of many concerned parents.

The scene shows Dan Schneider himself with Bynes in a hot tub, where both seemed to be having lots of fun in there. There are pictures of the scene on the internet, and he sure seemed a little too happy while in the tub.

As you remember, Amanda Bynes was known for having a major public breakdown many years ago. On that episode, she allegedly claimed her father committed sexual abuse against her while going crazy in front of the cameras. But some now might wonder if that abuse was not Bynes’s father’s fault, but something made by a “father figure” man – some netizens are now saying they think it’s really Dan Schneider.

Ariana Grande’s sexualization problem

And then there’s the biggest of all of Nickelodeon’s stars discovered by Dan Schneider: “Thank U, Next” singer Ariana Grande. Before becoming a superstar, Grande was a star of Victorious, playing Cat Valentine, a character who had become highly sexualized with some erotic lines & acts on the show.

In a compilation of scenes available online, Grande is shown in her bed, saying some phrases like: “My uvula got stuck between the hamster’s toes”, “I’m soaking wet. Somebody bring me the ocean!”, and “Have you ever tried to bring your big toe to your mouth?” All those said while she was making some gestures that could suggest some sexual content.

Reportedly, Ariana Grande was the young star that Schneider abused the most. If those allegations are true, it could explain why in 2018, Schneider & Grande reportedly went their separate ways without giving a reason why. 

Either way, Dan Schneider snuck a lot of racy scenes past the radar at Nickelodeon. Producers have the final say, so Schneider allowed those weird toe scenes and sexual innuendos to go by. Do you think networks like Nickelodeon are doing – or should do – a better job checking who’s around their stars? Let us know in the comments! 

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