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Ariana Grande’s net worth is a major topic of conversation this year. Dive in and find out how much net worth the singer has gathered.

Money for “7 Rings” and more: See Ariana Grande’s massive net worth

Ariana Grande’s net worth is a major topic of conversation this year since it’s grown so heavily over the course of her career. Once upon a time, she was a Nickelodeon starlet alongside Jeannette McCurdy, Victoria Justice, and Elizabeth Gillies. She landed a leading role in Sam & Cat after starring in Victorious for four seasons. 

These days, she’s mostly known for her massively successful career as a singer & performer. Thus, it stands to reason she has a big net worth. Let’s see how much Ariana Grande’s really amassed over her career. 

Ariana Grande’s net worth as of 2021

Ariana Grande’s net worth has shot up to $180 million from $150 million last year. She’s certainly been booked & busy, keeping her fans completely satisfied and maintaining the same vibrant energy as always. Year after year, she never ceases to amaze her devoted fan base. She’s always coming up with incredible new music to release from “7 Rings” with its hip hip vibe to “POV” with its wholesome feel.

Album sales & sold out tours

Between her album sales & sold out tours, Ariana Grande’s net worth was destined to continue growing. Her most recent album Positions was released in 2020 and it did not disappoint. The album she released in 2019 was called Thank U, Next and it was filled with bangers – epic music videos too. As far as world tours go, her Sweetener tour pulled in $146.4 million dollars in ticket sales.

Her fragrance & fashion lines

Ariana Grande’s net worth is earned through multiple streams of income, including her fragrance and fashion lines. She started releasing lovely scented perfumes in 2015 with cute names like “Sweet Like Candy”, “Moonlight”, and “Cloud”. The perfumes appeal to her fans who want to smell just like her!

In 2016, she decided to link up with Lipsy London for a stunning fashion line. As of today, the fashion line isn’t active but at the time it was incredible. She was behind a spring and summer collection in the same year.

Her brand deals 

Another source of income for the singing starlet are the brand deals she’s signed with in the past & present. The major names she’s been associated with include Apple, T-Mobile, and American Express. 

She’s also agreed to brand deals with Fiat, Starbucks, Samsung, Reebok, and Macy’s. Companies would be lucky to have someone like Ariana Grande representing them which is why it’s safe to assume it costs a pretty penny to get her signed to anything.

What does Ariana Grande splurge on?

Now that we understand how Ariana Grande earned her impressive net worth, we can dive into the details on just how she spends all of that dough. Ariana Grande is all about living in mansions suited for royalty. If she wasn’t, she probably wouldn’t have purchased a $13.7 million dollar home in the Hollywood Hills. The swanky mansion comes with four bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms, and a kitchen built for a gourmet chef.

It also comes with a dining area that looks like the backdrop of a formal ceremony. Real estate is big for Grande who also bought herself a $16 million penthouse in New York City. The gorgeously spacious penthouse is located in Manhattan. She doesn’t stay pent up in the real estate she owns though – she also spends her money on vacations & trips. She’s been photographed traveling to France, Tokyo, and South Korea.

In order to get around, she utilizes private jets for herself & her inner circle to make for easier travel. When you’re as famous as Ariana Grande, private jets seem to be the only viable way to get from point A to point B without getting swarmed by mobs of fans. Another thing she spends her money on is designer clothing, of course. She’s been photographed wearing Gucci, Fendi, and Chanel . . . just to name a few.

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