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We want to make sure you know what has happened so far on the incredible 'Schitt's Creek' as it readies itself for its final bows.

‘Schitt’s Creek’ season 6: Everything you need to know so far

As streaming becomes a widely used and normalized form of getting your favorite shows, it seems that some have lost an important part of what makes a long-running series great-heart. However, one particular show has yet to lose that valuable part of storytelling: Schitt’s Creek. 

The Canadian sitcom about a formerly rich family that loses all of its money and must move to a small town its patriarch once purchased as a joke has held onto its heart ever since it came on the air with its unique cast of characters: Wig-obsessed former soap opera star Moira (Catherine O’Hara), stalwart but overwhelmed Johnny (Eugene Levy), bubbly and bratty socialite Alexis (Annie Murphy) and sarcastic fashionista David (Daniel Levy). 

It seems like it will continue to keep its incredible heart until the end, as this season is, unfortunately, its last. So, we at Film Daily want to make sure you know what has happened so far on this incredible show as it readies itself for its final bows. 

David and Patrick remain the OTP of the show

One of the plotlines that the show has to wrap up is the beautiful love story between David and Patrick. So far, doing that seems to be bumpy as the two face a few issues with their wedding when they went to scout out that discount venue right next to a pig farm. However, those bumps seem to get smoothed over easily, proving how strong and fantastic this couple is. 

What further proves it is the bed-wetting incident, which Patrick faces like an absolute dream by comforting the frazzled David, though that comfort may go a bit cold due to Alexis’s accidental filming of the incident on her live Instagram takeover (oops). Of course, David gets the chance to return the love by looking after Patrick after his wisdom teeth removal in this latest episode, which of course led to more adorable moments between the two. 

It seems the two can conquer anything, and with wedding bells coming so quickly, it proves that the two are heading for a fairytale level ending. 

Alexis and Stevie try to make their lives work

Of course, the show does not seem eager to let Alexis and Stevie have such an easy time. Alexis is trying to make her long-distance relationship with Ted work throughout the show so far. Though they do have great moments, such as the little online date they had a few episodes back, the show needs to get moving on a reunion in order for their arc to end in any sort of fashion. 

Alexis is busy with not just that, but with helping Moira promote her new Crows film. Alexis, in short, has a lot to do before the final bow and we hope she gets the same happiness as David. 

Stevie’s journey is now a foggy one this season, as she has no clue what to do with herself. It seems like she’s starting to figure it out with getting the job at Larry’s Air, so perhaps the show will continue to flesh out her ultimate plan for the end. Speaking of the end, the biggest question of all for this final season is. . .

Will the family leave Schitt’s Creek? 

At this point, Moira is the only one who wants to rush out of town as fast as she can. It seems she already has ways of getting that plan in motion through buying the second motel with Johnny and her new Crows film. 

However, having the Roses and the Schitt’s go into business together was probably not part of the plan and may make her plans of departure fade away as the story draws to a close. 

Schitt’s Creek promises to have an ending not to be missed, so tune in on Pop TV on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET to see just how this heartfelt story says its goodbyes.

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