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Are you feeling anxious? Get that sweet serotonin flowing with these utterly satisfying videos.

Soothe your anxiety: The most satisfying videos on the internet

It’s been a pretty wild week – like 2020 has been several decades thrown into one. The first week of November has been about its own years-long affair. Seriously, a lot more stuff happened then we thought was going to, you know, actually happen. Even though 2020 is still 2020, many people need to take a break and deal with their frayed nerves for the past week.

What better way to deal with those frayed nerves, then some truly satisfying videos? Something about seeing slime get made or something perfectly done is just truly and wholly soothing. Maybe it just calms that same spot in your brain that ASMR does except visually. Either way, there are tons of satisfying videos out there to get that sweet, sweet serotonin flowing.

Here are five videos specifically chosen for being utterly satisfying to watch. Next time, 2020 decides to emerge like Jason at the end of Friday the 13th, you can fight back with something to soothe your anxiety. 

Crushing Crunchy & Soft Things by Car – Satisfying videos by Entertainment TV

This 2019 video has over 100 million views on YouTube. It’s two-and-a-half minutes long, featuring a car just squishing a variety of things. For those of you who have the itch for wanton destruction, maybe curb it a little here. There’s something just so awesome about seeing a ball become a pancake or a bunch of cups just giving that perfect cronch noise, you know? 

Very Satisfying Video Compilation 89 Kinetic Sand Cutting ASMR by Sand Tagious

Kinetic sand is pretty impressive in that it just holds its shape, you know? A lot of YouTubers have made some very satisfying videos showing them just perfectly cutting or scooping that sand. And it’s the most satisfying thing you’ll ever watch. Seriously, your lizard hindbrain that goes “sand still look good” will be so thankful that you spent about seven minutes watching. 

Acrylic pour Painting – Swirl technique with five colors by Tiktus color Art

Acrylic pour art is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. You take a cup of acrylic paint and just pour it over a canvas. Obviously there’s a level of skill with this along with preparedness. The end result is some insanely pretty art sort of abstract art as well. There’s just something about getting all those colors out and watching them slide around that’s just . . . it’s a chef’s kiss. 

1 Hour Satisfying Video With Relaxing & Meditation Music | Stress Relief & Sleep Induction by Oddly Satisfying

Want to just zone out for an hour without having to switch to a bunch of different YouTube channels? Oddly Satisfying, a compilation channel of satisfying videos, has you covered. With nice soothing background music, this channel has an hour long video of people just doing satisfying things from perfect chops to being in sync with animals? It’s all here to just let that stress leave your body.

Because sometimes, you really need to just turn off your brain for an hour, right? 

The Most Satisfying Video In The World by Digg

From glass blowing to perfectly slicing a tomato, this five-minute compilation has it all to give that good stress relief after a long anxiety filled day. It has about 20 million views and enough clips jammed into five minutes that will make you do a speedrun to help shake out those nerves from the day. Deep down? That’s all you really want from these types of videos: a chance for your brain to reset. 

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