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As Russia's alleged threat toward the population of Ukraine grows, Western allies are hesitantly taking military steps toward fighting back.

Is the population of Ukraine in danger from WW4?

Like the Wu-Tang Clan, Russia ain’t nothing to f-ck with. Russia doesn’t just talk a good game, it can also back it up. As Russia allegedly turns its militaristic attention toward the nearby population of Ukraine, the world waits with bated breath.

Russia has a reputation for stirring trouble. When former president Donald Trump faced accusations of cheating his way into the White House, Putin was frequently named as his accomplice. Yet, even then, the U.S. stood helpless in the face of such political intrusion.

Western countries don’t want to chance war with Russia. It’s shown in the hesitancy toward calling Russia an invading threat toward the neighboring population of Ukraine. However, they’re getting closer & closer each day to having no choice.

population of ukraine

Russia vs Ukraine

This isn’t the first time Russia has been a threat to the population of Ukraine. In 2014, President Vladimir Putin sent troops to seize the Crimean parliament which led to the takeover of Crimea. This sparked the beginning of the Russo-Ukrainian War.

In fact, this personal experience put the population of Ukraine in the unwilling role of the canary in a coal mine. Meaning, they were able to warn the world of what Russia was planning to do because they knew how to read the signs.

The world has been stunned into silence once more as Russia brazenly grabs for more power and uses force to get it. If Russia is planning to seize Ukraine, it’s in defiance of international rules of peace. Western allies would be forced to acknowledge the inevitability of going toe-to-toe with the Eastern European country.

population of ukraine

Bad blood

The U.S. has had beef with Russia for years, even before they allegedly started threatening the nearby population of Ukraine. The Cold War created the intense fear of Russian spies infiltrating U.S. politics with insidious intentions. Even Hollywood felt the tightened morality of a country living in fear of internal attacks from external enemies.

Watch any action movie from the 80s and you’ll quickly notice a running theme. Russia is always the bad guy. Sometimes, they play a cooky caricature like the Track Suit Mafia in the Hawkeye comic & TV series. Other times, they play a more malicious role. Regardless, the U.S. has always feared Russia using its power to eventually threaten Western politics.

In 2016, this fear was fully realized. Many speculated on President Putin’s possible role in getting Trump elected. Accusations against Putin ranged from direct interference to using Russian bots to influence the voters – especially those on Facebook.

population of ukraine

Allies unite

Western allies have been slow to acknowledge Russia’s threat toward the population of Ukraine. Russia is a superpower with a strong military force and plenty of nuclear weapons. Acknowledging its threat means exerting world war levels of international military force.

However, they’ve been quick to ready themselves for a fight. From President Joe Biden to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Western allies are creating a united front once more. Russia has allegedly placed 7,000 additional troops on the border they share with Ukraine.

The threat of an imminent full-scale attack on the population of Ukraine has Western allies preparing for the worst-case scenario. U.K. foreign secretary Liz Truss ominously warned of the aim to “make the cost for Russia intolerably high.”

population of ukraine

More than distraction

War has many functions when it comes to politics. The threat of it can force a political leader’s hand even as the promise of it can line pockets. The reality of it is devastating even while providing the upper hand. The memory of war, though, reminds people of the underlying reasons they’re often fought in the first place.

One of those reasons is as a distraction in times of political uprising. Citizens begin to rebel against the system and suddenly the system needs their patriotic support. Prime Minister Johnson instigated Brexit. President Biden hasn’t kept a single campaign promise.

U.K. & U.S. citizens alike have begun to fight back against systems that oppress them. The timing, then, of this possible conflict with Russia seems suspicious to some. While the population of Ukraine seems under genuine threat, people can’t help but question the motives of their leaders.

population of ukraine

Regardless, WW4 seems more & more inevitable. Russia’s threat toward the population of Ukraine is, in reality, its threat toward the world. Therefore, if this threat becomes the reality of world war, we know where it’ll hail: from Russia, with violence.

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