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We’ve gathered some potential candidates for prime minister should Boris Johnson be forced out. Even the highest of us fight for our jobs. Find out why!

Will Boris Johnson be replaced as the UK’s Prime Minister soon?

The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is currently fighting for his job in a row of gatherings at his official residence supposedly in breach of his own COVID lockdown rules. With many calling for Johnson to resign, speculation over who may be the next choice for the role of Prime Minister, is circulating around the Internet and British politics. 

We’ve gathered some potential candidates for prime minister should Boris Johnson be forced out. 

Liz Truss

Though Liz Truss is a former remainer, the forty-six-year-old foreign secretary is the “darling” of the Conservative grassroots, normally topping the poll of party members carried out by the website Conservative Home. The public favors her rhetoric, which is heavy on liberty, patriotism, and free trade. She’s credited with signing a slew of post-Brexit trade deals.

When being considered for the next prime minister, replacing Boris Johnson, Liz Truss has a sharp public image. Her image was partially brought along by her elaborate use of taxpayer-funded government photographers. This includes her recently having herself photographed Margaret Thatcher-style, upon a tank. 

Jeremy Hunt

Foreign secretary lost to Boris Johnson in the 2019 leadership contest by a clear margin but is still heavily considered as a potential contender for the prime minister position. Pushed back by Johnson, fifty-five-year-old Hunt has been meticulously dedicated, utilizing his experience as a former health secretary to chair the health select committee. 

Jeremy Hunt’s South West Surrey constituency is one of the ones being scrutinized by the Liberal Democrats, who believe traditional Tory (or “blue wall”) voters are shut down by Boris Johnson’s rule-breaking. 

Priti Patel

Priti Patel is among the controversial figures to many but her right-leaning views and densely rough view on immigration make her appealing to many people among the Tory membership, as well as to like-minded MPs. 

Being an MP for over a decade now, Patel has conducted a series of ministerial posts but dealt with a two-year exile from the frontbench following her forced resignation as the international development secretary as a consequence of having unofficial meetings with Israeli officials. 

Amid the possible race for the next prime minister, we remember that Priti Patel was brought back as home secretary by Johnson. The current minister paid out political capital which kept Patel in the job even after an official report concluded that “she had bullied officials”. 

Perhaps known for her views on immigration, the fact that Patel has supervised a period in which there has been heavy coverage of “unofficial Channel crossings” by refugees and migrants could count against. 

Sajid Javid

Sajid Javid, the chancellor turned health secretary, came in as a somewhat distant fourth in the race to succeed Theresa May. But he’s suspected to do better this time. Javid is a former investment banker and MP for Bromsgrove since 2010 officially backed remain in the Brexit referendum. Javid, however, seems to be defined by much more. 

Javid is suspected of replacing Boris Johnson for British prime minister because of his suitably vigorous Tory ideology which would appeal to many constituents of the party. It could even be a thrilling backstory, having grown up above the family shop in Bristol. 

Nadhim Zahawi

Nadhim Zahawi’s current role as education secretary is Nadhim’s first department-leading cabinet role. The public won’t be surprised to see Zahawi replace Boris Johnson due to his prominence and popularity rising during his year-long period as minister for vaccines, directing what was probably the most successful project of the Johnson era. 

Perhaps it’s backstories that’ll determine which politician is most suitable for the role of prime minister? According to sources, Zahawi’s backstory is even more compelling than Javid. Born in Baghdad, he and his Kurdish family escaped Saddam Hussein’s rule when he was just nine years old. Then Zahawi went on to have a private education in London. 

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