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We all have our guilty pleasures we just can't help but secretly love. If you're a fellow 'Riverdale' fanatic, laugh along at all the best memes here.

‘Riverdale’ is still absolutely ridiculous: These memes prove it

Remember when Riverdale was just another simple murder mystery show? Neither do we. 

As the seasons go on, Riverdale takes on more & more. . . creative plot points and storylines to the point of incoherence. The latest season, which is currently on Netflix, doesn’t look like it’s going to break that pattern anytime soon. 

Of course, Twitter has been providing some great Riverdale memes through it all, so we investigated the threads and found the best of the bunch. Grab your football jacket and dive into these amazing Riverdale memes. 


 Note to self: do not mess with Jughead’s fries

Take it down 

Yeah, that’s not a flattering angle, dude. 

Top students 

How do these Riverdale memes capture the chaos of the show that easily? Also, that seems about right, character wise.

Danger sense tingling

Someone really ought to stop him. . . oh, too late. 

Backstage magic 

We think they may have backed their production team into a corner on that front. Just a hunch though. . . 

Not funny 

Riverdale doesn’t have the best track recording in keeping beloved characters alive. . . or untraumatized. . . or suddenly changing their core beliefs. . . characterization is not their strong suit is what we’re implying here. 

Division of labor 

Don’t forget being shirtless – that’s one of Archie’s biggest contributions to Riverdale (not that we’re complaining)

Betty, I choose you! 

This meme just proves how hilariously nuts the whole Dark Betty storyline was. We’d definitely summon her into battle though. 

Can’t stop watching

Like an accident on the highway, you shouldn’t look but you just can’t stop. 

Not what we expected 

Remember when we said characterization was not their strong suit? Exhibit A. 

Have any hilarious Riverdale memes? Drop them below in the comments to keep the many, many dangers of Riverdale at bay. 

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