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Did A$AP Rocky cheat on pregnant Rihanna through Instagram DMs?

Although neither Rihanna nor A$AP Rocky has made an official post on their separation, the whole internet is conspiring on their split. Only Amina Muaddi, who’s supposedly the person Rocky cheated on Rihanna with, has pronounced herself publicly on Instagram.“I’ve always believed that an unfounded lie spread on social media doesn’t deserve any response or clarification, especially one that is so vile”.

The whole rumor started on Twitter through the account of journalist & fashion influencer Louis Pisano @LOUIS_via_ROMA. He published on Thursday that the businesswoman and the rapper had ended their relationship due to infidelity with Amina Muaddi. Just to make things clear, Muaddi is a shoe designer and one of Rihanna’s collaborators at Fenty.

The designer mentioned on that same Instagram story that she didn’t think it would be necessary to clarify it was a rumor, yet things got out of control. Nevertheless, she had to speak up in less than twenty-four hours. The truth is, while Rihanna & A$AP won’t clarify if they’re actually separating or confirming it was all a rumor, we can’t believe anything.

How the rumor started

All we can do is share what’s officially known so far, in cases like this conspiring on unofficial facts is just futile. Like all those magazines that ensure “a close source to the couple” just denied the rumors or said that it was true. When it comes to disproving a fact of a famous figure like Rihanna, anyone could be a supposedly anonymous source. That’s why we have to go back to the facts.

One of the rumors spreading is that Rihanna was seen crying in a famous restaurant in Los Angeles after having dinner with A$AP. The official version from the person who started the rumor is that he received this information, again, from an anonymous source. His first tweet said the couple was splitting because A$AP had cheated on Rihanna at Paris Fashion Week with Amina Muaddi.

Something that can be a little strange but at the same time, could mean nothing, is the fact that Rihanna doesn’t follow Muaddi on Instagram. Why wouldn’t Rihanna follow one of her collaborators on Instagram? Well, she’s not forced to, right? However, it can be a starting point to conspire for an unoccupied mind. Yet, both A$AP & Rihanna still follow each other and Muaddi follows them back.

One of the conspiracy theories said A$AP maintained communication through Instagram with Muaddi, but there’s literally no way of confirming or denying that. On the other side, it looks like Pisano took back what he first tweeted “Last night I made a dumb decision to tweet some information I had received”. Again, he ended up saying he wouldn’t reveal the source.

Yet, while Pisano apologized in his tweet he never actually denied it and by this moment we should already have a denial from Rihanna & A$AP. Again, we won’t know if the cheating nor the splitting are true until one of the main sources confirms it. However, this gossip & conspiracy should at least serve to realize how spreadable lies are and to make audiences more critical of their news consumption.

What if rumors were true? 

Even though we deep down know we can’t be certain about this, there’s a part of our grieving. Rihanna & A$AP are one of the most iconic couples currently and they’re having a baby soon, so fans are rightfully infuriated about this conspiracy. However, if rumors were true, it’ll definitely be tragic for our beloved Rihanna, but the truth is she would be more than fine alone.

If rumors were true, Rihanna will remain as the gorgeous & talented billionaire she is, while A$AP would be automatically canceled. Let’s hope for this situation to clarify soon and hopefully be the least harmful scenario for Rihanna. 

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