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A few months ago everyone was excited about Rihanna's pregnancy but it looks like ASAP Rocky cheated on her. Did he use her for her net worth?

Did A$AP Rocky use Rihanna for her net worth?

If you believed in monogamy again and fantasized about having a family after Rihanna announced her pregnancy, it’s time to wake up. Rumor has it that A$AP Rocky cheated on Rihanna with the shoe designer Amina Muaddi at Paris Fashion Week. Beyond canceling the rapper, this should serve to de-idealize romantic relationships. Still, we’ll tell you how things were.

Everything exploded with a tweet from journalist & influencer Louis Pisano, wherein a few lines described the painful news. The tweet starts with “Rihanna & A$AP Rocky have split” and it’s followed by an explanation of who Muaddi is and the relationship the couple had with her. Both Rihanna & A$AP collaborated with Mudaddi, yet, it looks like Rocky’s collaboration went further than just shoe design. 

Although it’s too soon to have official declarations from Rihanna or ASAP, the whole internet is convinced this is the end of the couple. And honestly, it makes sense. Why would the gorgeously talented singer & billionaire businesswoman forgive infidelity? It looks like this time Rihanna didn’t love the way he lied and nothing, not even love or a baby is enough reason to let go of public disrespect like that. 

Why would A$AP cheat on Rihanna? 

It’s hard to believe how someone could cheat on Rihanna, she’s hot, talented, a billionaire, and pregnant. But the truth is not all people can live a monogamous life. We must have this conversation about how violent it is to be socialized as monogamous from the moment we’re born. Yet, this will never ever be a valid reason to cheat on anybody. 

According to JustJared, the couple went to dinner last Friday at a very famous Los Angeles venue, but Rihanna ended up crying. Apparently, she found out about the infidelity and left the back of the restaurant after ending things up with the rapper.

Yet, infidelity can still happen when you live under a non-monogamous scheme, so let’s not idealize the alternative ways of bonding either. If you’ve been cheated on, which you probably have, you understand the feeling of betrayal. However, there are worse scenarios than others and frankly, it’s just cruel to cheat on your pregnant girlfriend.

One of the most common questions, when you’re cheated on, is if that person actually loved you mixed with the feeling of being used. But did A$AP Rocky use Rihanna? Both singers are famous and talented, but there’s an aspect they’re profoundly different: net worth. Rianna has one of the richest self-made net worths after Oprah Winfrey, besides she’s a Black woman, cheers on her.

But did ASAP Rocky use Rianna to grow his net worth? Here’s all you need to know. 

A$AP’s net worth

A$AP Rocky’s net worth ends in millions but is honestly nothing to be surprised about in the celeb world. Any normal person with a traditional full-time job would give anything to have Rocky’s $10 million net worth. Yet, let’s have in mind Rihanna became a billionaire in August 2021. Also, she was already economically more powerful than him when they started dating in January 2020. 

However, affirming Rocky used Rihanna exclusively to grow his net worth is a tough accusation to make. Still, this might be an idea hard to take out from people’s heads now that his infidelity was made public and the word “pregnant” is a trend. At this moment, it won’t really matter if ASAP Rocky does love Rianna or what happened in his head when he cheated on her. 

For better or worse, ASAP Rocky is now seen as an opportunist no matter what he does, but definitely, losing a woman like Rihanna implies more things than her net worth.

Do you feel a hole in your chest too after reading this news? Tell us in the comments below!

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