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Everyone is talking about Rihanna’s pregnancy, but when is she releasing new music? Could 2022 be the year? Here's all you need to know.

When is Rihanna releasing new music?

Everyone is talking about Rihanna’s pregnancy, but when is she releasing new music? Lucky for you, we have promising news. Apparently, this year might be the one for the singer’s new album release. In February 2022, Rihanna confirmed new music is coming while attending a Fenty event in L.A. during the Super Bowl weekend. 

Rihanna’s last album Anti was released in 2016, with amazing hits like “Work” & “Love On The Brain”. However, there’s no rush on Rihanna, further than her pregnancy with A$AP Rocky, creative processes take time. Yet, the singer is conscious of the time that has passed over her last release and promised something good, as she always does. 

The singer recently joked saying that her fans would kill her if they waited this long for a lullaby, pointing out her beautiful pregnancy. She also added to be taking one thing at a time, and that’s the way it should be. Becoming a mother isn’t an easy task for any woman, no matter how privileged or prepared she is. Yet, it’ll be a great experience listening to this mature, new Rihanna. 

New Rihanna, new music 

February 2022 wasn’t the first time the singer shared hints about her upcoming releases. In September 2021, at her third Savage x Fenty fashion show, Rihanna confirmed her music is going on with a brand new sound than her previous work. Not only years have gone by from her last album, but also a pandemic & a pregnancy have overpassed Rihanna and her career. 

Music, like any other creative piece, is the testimony of the artist’s personal processes & experiences. So, the more time passes, the more an artist changes. Rihanna’s new music promises something completely different from what we’ve listened to before. She previously said in an interview that music is like fashion: “you should be able to play, I should be able to wear whatever I want and I treat music the same way ”. 

However, Rihanna has been teasing us about this for years since 2019, and the long wait has made her fans give a name to the project. Even though the album has no name, her fans refer to it as #R9 on social media, since it’ll be Rihanna’s ninth studio album. The singer is now struggling to get a better name.

Yet, rumor has it all this wait might be because Rihanna is working on more than one album. There are also several conspiracies about the collabs that #R9 will include. In the summer of 2019, Raye was confirmed to be writing songs for Rihanna’s new album, but her appearance there’s still a mystery. 

Rihanna herself confirmed to be collaborating with Lil Nas X, yet she told Vogue it may not even be related to music. Could it be that Rihanna holds another album in her hands? Or maybe she’s just teasing us as she always does. 

But when is it coming?

The wait has been long, but let’s keep in mind that Rihanna does several things apart from music and maintaining a relationship & personal life. In 2021, Rihanna was officially called a billionaire by Forbes Magazine, becoming the richest female musician in the world. 

Even though Rihanna has created amazing musical pieces since she was seventeen, her business ventures are the ones she owes her net worth to. So, it makes complete sense for the singer to focus on growing her other personal projects, such as Fenty Beauty, her skincare brand, and Savage X Fenty lingerie. 

We’ll probably never know why all this teasing with such a long wait, but coming from Rihanna, her new music would certainly be worth it. 

Do you think Rihanna’s new album will be released this year? Tell us in the comments below!

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