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Ray J and Princess Love have split and made up more times than the average couple. Place your bets on whether they're done for real this time!

Will Ray J and Princess Love finally get divorced?

Are Princess Love and Ray J officially done for good this time around? If you have managed to keep up with the couple’s very public ups & downs these past years throughout their marriage, then you would know that this is certainly not the first time that the two have decided to call it quits. However, it finally seems like both Ray J and Princess Love are truly fed up with each other after Ray J filed for divorce this week.

So just what happened between Ray J and Princess Love, and what exactly was the last straw that made the married couple decide to call their relationship off? It’s clear for many fans that their marriage was far from all roses and rainbows, and their rocky relationship has always made headlines in the news in the past. Let’s take a look at their marriage, and also take a look at how Ray J and Princess Love have been doing. 

The announcement of their divorce

Once again, it seems like Ray J is moving forward with his initial plan to end his marriage with Princess Love. It turns out that on Wednesday, the forty-year-old star filed for divorce from his thirty-seven-year-old wife in the Los Angeles Superior Court. The couple walked down the aisle head over heels for one another back in 2016, and currently have two children together. Regardless, the two are now parting ways. 

Ray J and Princess Love, who are both parents to their one-year-old son Epik Ray and three-year-old daughter Melody Love, have always had quite a rocky relationship ever since they tied the knot. If you don’t remember, Princess Love claimed she would file for divorce back in November of 2019 after Ray J allegedly left her and her daughter “stranded” in Las Vegas. However, Ray J has denied that he did so. 

Princess Love ended up actually filing for divorce in May of 2020, only four months after the two welcomed their son Epik Ray into the world. Just two months later in July, she requested that the file be dismissed. However, Ray J then filed for divorce in September, and asked for joint custody of their kids. He then called off the divorce in March, and according to court documents, the decision was made “without prejudice”.

Is this break-up real this time? 

It’s unclear if this is truly the end of the road for Ray J and Princess Love. However, it seems like Ray J has filed for divorce during a pretty bad time in his life, as the star is currently being hospitalized for pneumonia. Sources say he tested negative for multiple COVID tests, and he does not have a contagious kind of pneumonia. Still, sources told People that doctors “wanted to keep him there a couple of extra days to watch him”.

We’re not sure just what caused Ray J to file for divorce so suddenly as he was being hospitalized, but marital problems aside, we are hoping that the singer has a speedy recovery from his sickness. It seems that he will be fine though, as he assured his fans on social media following the news: “I appreciate all the love and support from everybody. Thank you for keeping me in your prayers, and I will be back up and running soon”. 

While the two have had many public ups and downs in their marriage, people are still shocked that Ray J and Princess Love have once again called it off as just earlier this year in February, Ray J said that the two were “in a really good place as parents, as friends and as people who really just want everything to be right for our kids, for our family and for us”. Is this really the end or not? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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