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What’s Prince William’s response to his portrayal on ‘The Crown’?

In the twilight of the 90s, a royal wave hit the world, and its epicenter was none other than Prince William. His blend of dashing looks, a regal aura, and a poignant backstory made him the fantasy of many. 

Imagine, a prince not just in fairy tales but in flesh and blood, setting hearts racing across continents. The world witnessed his every step, whether he was gracing the covers of magazines or unintentionally starring in Princess Diaries 2. But what was it like embodying such an iconic figure from recent history?

Ed McVey’s Take

Cut to today, and Ed McVey steps into the princely shoes in The Crown‘s latest season, “Willsmania.” The sixth season serves as a time capsule, bringing to life the royal frenzy that swept the globe. 

It portrays William, played by McVey, as a teenager grappling with his mother’s loss while simultaneously being the object of global adoration and desire. This portrayal offers a unique peek into the life of a young prince dealing with extraordinary circumstances.

McVey, himself a newcomer to fame’s glaring spotlight, resonates with the teenage prince’s story. His experience filming alongside Meg Bellamy, who plays Kate Middleton, gave him a firsthand taste of the royal spotlight. This immersion into the character’s life, as McVey shared with Variety, was an eye-opener and an essential part of his journey in understanding William’s world.

The Creative Vision Behind “Willsmania”

Peter Morgan, The Crown‘s creator, had his reservations about introducing William into the narrative. The show, which wraps up with the 2005 wedding of Charles and Camilla, treads carefully around William’s story, respecting his privacy while acknowledging his pivotal role as a future king. The portrayal of William’s early years, especially his time at the University with Kate, becomes a significant, yet sensitive, part of the series.

Morgan’s portrayal of William as a shy, almost reluctant heartthrob, contrasts with his brother Harry’s (played by Luther Ford) more outgoing personality. The series delicately balances public fascination with the princes’ private struggles, offering viewers a nuanced view of their lives behind the royal curtain.

A Royal Gathering

As The Crown celebrated its series finale in London, the red carpet buzzed with excitement. Imelda Staunton, portraying Queen Elizabeth II, led the festivities with a blend of poise and focus. Newcomer Meg Bellamy, stepping into the role of Kate Middleton, shared her exhilarating journey from audition to screen.

The finale wasn’t just a celebration of the end of an era but also a reflection of the impact The Crown has had on its audience and actors alike. From Greg Wise to Emma Corrin, each actor brought a piece of history to life, inviting viewers to see the royal family in a new light.

The Legacy of “The Crown”

The series not only recreated historical moments but also allowed the cast to empathize with their real-life counterparts. McVey, playing Prince William, found a unique connection to his role, especially when faced with real-life paparazzi during filming. For Ford, playing Prince Harry, the role was an opportunity to understand the complexities of royal life.

However, for those speculating about a spin-off featuring Meghan and Harry’s new life in California, the prospects remain uncertain. Ford’s response to such inquiries? A simple “No.”

As The Crown closes its curtains, it leaves behind a rich tapestry of stories, characters, and moments that have reshaped how we view one of the world’s most famous families. It’s a reminder of the delicate balance between public perception and private realities, and how even those born into royalty are not immune to the trials and tribulations of life.

As we bid farewell to The Crown, one can’t help but ponder: What does the future hold for the real-life characters who inspired this captivating series? And more intriguingly, will the fascination with royal lives ever truly fade, or are we forever captivated by the allure of crowns and thrones?

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