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Rumors, royals, reality TVs. Is King Charles stepping down? Uncover the palace intrigue and discover why Eugenie might be our next monarch.

Tease your ears with "Meghan Markle naked" truths as we unveil her spicy Spotify deal! Dive into royal secrets ushered by Duchess Meghan, raw and unfiltered, right here.

Bling missing? Dive into the "Meghan Markle engagement ring" saga! Has the duchess cashed in her rock, or simply opted for less sparkle? Get the royal scoop here.

Is Prince William exactly thrilled about his portrayal on 'The Crown' for the finale? Let's see the response from the man himself.

the reviews are in for 'The Crown' and there is almost no way around the shade towards the queen. Here's the worst of it.

Who would go to such lengths to tarnish the reputation of a family so esteemed by their community? Here's the Daily Mail's take on Kate Middleton.

Amidst all this speculation, King Charles harbors a hope for reconciliation. But here's the real reason Meghan and Harry are skipping Christmas.

Is Prince Harry about to go broke because of all the shenanigans with his wife? Take a look at his net worth now.

The collaboration between the Sussexes and Spotify might have reached its final note, but this Markle saga brings forward bigger questions.