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Amidst all this speculation, King Charles harbors a hope for reconciliation. But here's the real reason Meghan and Harry are skipping Christmas.

Why are royals Meghan and Harry ditching Christmas with the King?

Could a Royal Family Christmas reunion be on the cards? As the festive season approaches, whispers of holiday plans and potential reconciliations have begun to swirl around the Sussexes—Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and their young children, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet. 

But with the holiday cheer comes a hint of royal skepticism, especially considering the family’s detachment from traditional celebrations since their step back in 2020.Is Prince Harry about to go broke because of all the shenanigans with his wife? Take a look at his net worth now.

Royal Holiday Plans: Fact or Fiction?

Dr. Tessa Dunlop, a renowned royal expert, casts a shadow of doubt on the chances of the Sussexes joining the Sandringham Christmas this year. Despite the buzz, she suggests we shouldn’t hold our breath for a royal family reunion. The last few years have seen the Duke and Duchess of Sussex forge their path, one that has notably diverged from the royal way of life, including festive family gatherings.

Speculation about the Sussexes’ real estate ambitions has added another layer to the royal narrative. With recent news of their eviction from Frogmore Cottage, rumors are rife about Harry and Meghan’s plans to purchase a new home in the UK. 

However, Dr. Dunlop hints that any such acquisition would be made independently, without reliance on royal resources. It seems the couple’s quest for a home is as much about carving out their own space as it is about satisfying any homesickness Harry might feel.

A Royal Homecoming or a Sentimental Illusion?

The narrative woven around Prince Harry paints him as a figure torn between two worlds: the one he left behind in the UK and his new life in America. 

Yet, Dr. Dunlop expresses skepticism about this portrayal and questions the likelihood of the Sussexes laying down roots again in the UK. Their fleeting visits back home—marked by legal battles and quick public appearances—don’t exactly spell out the actions of a family eager to return to the British fold.

The British public’s fascination with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex remains high, but the couple’s current life in America, punctuated by selective public engagements and a more private existence, lacks the intrigue and drama once associated with them.

 It seems that, in the eyes of the onlookers, Harry and Meghan’s low-profile lifestyle is less than captivating. The real estate rumors, while titillating, may just be a projection of the public’s longing for the prodigal prince’s return.

Royal Reconciliation

Amidst all this speculation, it’s said that King Charles harbors a hope for reconciliation. Royal author Dr. Ed Owens suggests that Charles is poised for peace, yet he believes the Sussexes must take the initial steps towards healing family rifts.

 According to Owens, the King’s overtures have been well-calculated, maintaining his image as a conciliator ready to welcome Harry and Meghan back, should they choose to step through the door he’s left ajar.

This posture of openness, communicated through strategic press stories, paints Charles as the patient patriarch, undeterred by the complex dynamics at play. Whether this will translate into a heartfelt family reunion over mince pies remains to be seen. But with the royal holiday narrative unfolding, one wonders: Will the spirit of the season bring a royal surprise?

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