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Who would go to such lengths to tarnish the reputation of a family so esteemed by their community? Here's the Daily Mail's take on Kate Middleton.

Is Kate Middleton actually using the Daily Mail to protect her parents?

Have you ever heard of a mystery so unusual it sounds like something straight out of a novel? The quaint English village of Bucklebury in Berkshire, known for its idyllic countryside and as the childhood home of The Princess of Wales, is grappling with a bizarre series of events that could rival any fictional mystery. 

The Middleton family, central to this real-life intrigue, has been targeted by an anonymous agitator, with villagers waking up to sordid posters besmirching the family’s name.

A Village’s Wake-Up Call

Just a fortnight ago, the first batch of hate-fueled posters surfaced, causing an uproar among the locals. The Middletons have long been an integral part of the Bucklebury community, with the parents of the princess, Michael and Carole Middleton, residing there for decades. 

The vitriol didn’t stop at just one incident. The latest attack saw a new series of offensive posters plastered around the village, this time targeting the family’s defunct business, Party Pieces Holdings Ltd.

Local response has been swift and supportive of the high-profile family, with many residents taking it upon themselves to remove the posters. Despite the attempts to sow discord, the community’s reaction speaks volumes about the Middletons’ standing in the area. People like Sharon Fry, a local mother, express nothing but respect for the family, reflecting the sentiment of many in Bucklebury.

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Local Celebrities Under Siege

The campaign of animosity has not only involved the parents of the princess but has also extended to her siblings. James Middleton, the princess’s brother, and his wife Alizee, who are expecting their first child, reside nearby and have been directly affected. James was reportedly enraged, personally taking action to tear down the posters. 

The attackers’ method? Using scandalous images of a scantily clad model from a website that is decidedly not safe for work, strategically placed to catch the eye of unsuspecting passersby.

The Middletons’ contributions to the village extend beyond their royal connections. 

The family-owned Bucklebury Farm is a beloved local fixture, offering a place for children to play and serving as a hub for the community—something the residents like Sue Rixon cherish. The unseemly posters, with their rude content, are a stark contrast to the tranquil village life, and as Rixon points out, they are “completely out of keeping with this area.”

A History of Community and Controversy

It’s not just the immediate shock that’s unsettling; the posters reference deeper troubles. The collapse of Party Pieces earlier this year left many suppliers out of pocket, and the call for the Middletons to address the debts has turned from private pleas to very public demands. 

The business, founded in 1987, had been a cornerstone of the family’s wealth, even contributing to the prestigious education of the Middleton children. But faced with the pandemic and the economic downturn, Party Pieces could not withstand the pressures.

The community’s reaction to the poster campaign has been one of solidarity. While the identity of the perpetrator remains unknown, the villagers’ determination to protect their own is evident. 

Outrage isn’t just confined to the residents; it’s a sentiment shared by the Middleton family themselves. The poster placements have been calculated for maximum impact, but so has been the response—vigilant residents and a proactive James Middleton have rallied to remove the slanderous material as quickly as it appears.

What Lies Ahead for Bucklebury?

The story unfolding in Bucklebury is one of unity in the face of adversity. The villagers have shown that they will not stand for attacks against one of their own, royal connections or not. 

The Middletons may have lost a business, but they have gained an even stronger bond with the people among whom they live. As this mystery persists, one question looms: Who would go to such lengths to tarnish the reputation of a family so esteemed by their community? And more importantly, will the perpetrator of this hate campaign ever be unmasked?

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