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Here’s what Prince Harry and Meghan truly think of Cressida Bonas

Who hasn’t felt the tremor of intrigue when the whispers of royal romances start to make their way through the grapevine? It’s a phenomenon that seems to hold an eternal allure, no matter the era. But what happens to those who have their names entwined with the princes of the British royal family? Their stories become etched in the annals of royal folklore, continually spoken about long after the romance has faded.

But what does Harry and Meghan themselves think of it all? Let’s get a closer look.

Once Upon a Royal Romance

Consider Major James Hewitt, whose relationship with Princess Diana still fuels conspiracy theories decades later. Or Prince William’s early love interest, Rose Farquhar, and the woman who never even dated him, Isabella Calthorpe, who feared the royal association might eclipse her acting aspirations. 

Then there’s Prince Harry, whose past loves like Chelsy Davy and Cressida Bonas remain talking points among the royal enthusiasts. Their experiences illustrate a peculiar truth: in the realm of royals, a relationship might end, but the echo of its existence lingers indefinitely.

The tale of Harry and Cressida Bonas is particularly poignant. Their first encounter, orchestrated by Princess Eugenie at the university, led to a double date at the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises. The paparazzi frenzy that ensued from that evening placed Bonas firmly under the royal spotlight, a position she would find both challenging and defining as their relationship progressed.

The Unforgettable First Date

First dates can be nerve-wracking, even for princes. Harry’s first outing with Bonas was so awkward that it led to a comedic yet cringe-inducing attempt at a first kiss—so memorable that it featured in Harry’s memoir, Spare. Despite the rocky start, the couple was willing to try again, showcasing that even with royal status, the path to love can be as bumpy as it is for anyone else.

The narrative of Harry and Bonas was not without its complications. Harry’s infamous Las Vegas escapades shortly after their relationship became public knowledge were a source of embarrassment for Bonas and a PR nightmare for the palace. Yet, the relationship endured this and more, including the trials of a long-distance relationship during Harry’s military deployment to Afghanistan.

The Strains and Stresses of Royal Life

The distance and Harry’s subsequent change upon his return from service introduced new strains into their relationship. Despite these challenges, the couple had moments of profound connection, like their ski trip in Switzerland where Harry opened up about the loss of his mother—a significant and emotional milestone for him.

The royal dating scene is a complex ballet of public interest, personal connection, and media scrutiny. 

The fascination with the personal lives of royalty seems insatiable, and those who date royals often find themselves part of the public narrative indefinitely. But what does it truly feel like to be in their shoes, to be a constant subject of speculation and conversation? How does one navigate a relationship when the world is watching, and what comes after when the romance ends and the stories still remain?

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